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7u32i9xsree4m2helgr12c6wwnu 1x1 – Pilot

27 years after a virus wipes out most of humanity, scientists send a man (James Cole) back to 2015 to stop the plague from ever happening. Cole's only lead is a virologist (Dr. Cassandra Railly), who knows the dangerous source of the outbreak.

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Rzdmvchueiraocqiwxfb8a4mhvj 1x2 – Mentally Divergent

Cole returns to the year 2015 to gather knowledge from a patient inside a mental institution. Jones believes that the 12 Monkeys are somehow involved in the pandemic that wiped out the population of Earth, thus making Cole's attempt to extract the information from the patient, imperative. Dr Railly feels that her intervention in Cole's case has given her incentive to continue to help him in his mission, much to Cole's compliance.

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Zx0zugsyufnu14gvvbbnd3armk9 1x3 – Cassandra Complex

Cole is led to Haiti in 2014, where a dangerous outbreak proved to be a devastating moment in Dr. Railly's life.

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Ylj8xicr49wxcepm9wzxl6mzbmt 1x4 – Atari

A fight for the future ensues when a dangerous band of marauders hunting for Cole and Ramse threatens the mission to save the past.

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Dy7yfgnuv3tzrefujq7qgqk7dau 1x5 – The Night Room

Cole and Dr. Railly face off with the Army of the 12 Monkeys when both discover the Night Room -- an off-site, black ops lab that houses the virus that will one day destroy the world.

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Lkgfu0ksyevxe1wpyca97sw1eye 1x6 – The Red Forest

After the events in the night room, Cole automatically returns to 2043 and finds that the timeline has been altered. He meets Jones, who has no idea who he is. In this timeline, the time transporter is not functioning but a blood tests confirms that they had met previously. A database check also reveals that Cassie was killed in 2015, likely the event that caused the change. He finds that Ramse is in charge of the facility and after some persuasion, he agrees to send Cole back to 2015. To set things right, he has to keep Cassie from being killed.

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2ptgbgsnvq3tgel0emdbikncdmv 1x7 – The Keys

Cole, Railly and Aaron race to stop the virus from being deployed as a bio-weapon in Chechnya.

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Jrnlvdxlbu5qwpxifhdlsptmpgm 1x8 – Yesterday

The Core that powers the time machine is fading. To get Cole back from the past, Jones must convince her former colleagues at the military operation "Spearhead" that her mission is worth saving.

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96bgywamafp4aej8vu5lhjmw2ot 1x9 – Tomorrow

Cole finds himself in 2017 at the height of the plague. Out of options, Jones faces an impossible choice to replace the Core.

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Ahm5hhjfpnevxec8shb3zjwthgc 1x10 – Divine Move

Forces come to a head when Ramse takes measures to protect his newfound family, leaving Cole to deal with the fallout.

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Gnyjfwoikvp7iskn2qm79tqoldx 1x11 – Shonin

Cole splinters to Tokyo in 1987 in a last chance effort to stop the Army of the 12 Monkeys.

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3ve6f35pup0x1rpjqpfq88ckfc9 1x12 – Paradox

With Cole dying from the effects of time-travel, Railly must find the one person who can save him.

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A7hdgbip5uin4ml8oirosc67gyx 1x13 – Arms of Mine

Cole and Cassandra try for a final confrontation with the Witness, while Jones faces a new threat to the mission.

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