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Ri0xohyqy8emub4ujc7binbodml 5x1 – Arthur

Arthur Williams is a chicken farmer who is also a confirmed bachelor. He wants to be rid of his gold-digging girlfriend. He strangles and kills her. The police suspect Arthur, but cannot find the body. Later Arthur offers them a gift for their troubles: chickens. The chickens are quite fat from a special feed that was made up, in part, from his girlfriend's body.

Ufwahbzqlqaoync49ydwvlyxidv 5x2 – The Crystal Trench

When Stella Ballister's husband dies in a mountain-climbing accident, he falls into a crevasse and is frozen within a glacier. Stella waits for the glacier to move so that she can see the frozen and perfectly preserved body of her husband. When it finally does so, she is shocked to discover that her husband's corpse is wearing a locket that contains a picture of another woman.

Jis1wdqnfgnbtcxdqck2w7w9k1i 5x3 – Appointment at Eleven

Davy Logan leaves his house against the pleas of his mother. He goes to a bar and meets a woman. He tells her that his father abandoned him when he was young after being caught with another woman. He says he hates his father and grows angry. He grows so angry that he must be restrained and is kicked out of the bar. He goes to another bar. His father used to play piano there. He picks a fight with the current piano player. He again is restrained. He yells that someone is going to die in 'two minutes'. A few minutes later, a news broadcast reveals that Davy's father was executed for murder. Davy breaks down and sobs.

E8ypozazqabomoa2lvgz1ayjjgt 5x4 – Coyote Moon

John Piltkin picks up three hitchhikers who rob him. After he spots them in a diner, he exacts his revenge. He steals a car and picks the hitchhikers up. Concealing his face in shadows, he then pretends the car has stalled and walks off to get help. The hitchhickers are then arrested in the stolen car.

9pwef7quihomyuxp4t4pashidcz 5x5 – No Pain

Dave Rainey must breathe using an iron lung. He worries that his wife Cindy will leave him for another man or, worse yet, kill him. Cindy becomes interested in a man named Arnold Barrett. She unplugs Dave's iron lung but quickly plugs it back in. She tells him the doctor doesn't want Dave to become dependent on the machine. Later, Arnold kills Cindy. Arnold was a hitman who was hired to protect Dave from Cindy.

Rpjotztgh7m0vrghpvhse9oj8ra 5x6 – Anniversary Gift

Hermie Jenkins wants to kill his wife Myra. She is an animal lover and so he buys her a poisonous coral snake from a snake collector for her anniversity. Myra opens her gift and at the suggestion of his wife, Hermie leaves for a beer. When he returns he finds that his wife is not dead. She complains to him about the agressiveness of the snake. She gives it to Hermie and it bites him. He drops dead. Later the snake collector reveals that he sold Hermie a king snake which looks very much like the coral snake but is harmless. Hermie did not die of poison; he died of a heart attack.

8gxwy44nxall9qd505jsmz4pv8g 5x7 – Dry Run

Art wants to impress his boss Mr. Barbossa. Mr. Barbossa wants him to pay off and kill a man named Moran. Moran, however, is a seasoned gangster. When Art confronts him, he easily takes the gun away from him. He forces Art to give him the money and the tells him that he shouldn't be with Barbossa. He proposes that Art join with him. He offers him money to kill Barbossa. Art accepts. Unfortunately, Moran reveals that he works for Barbossa. It was all a test of loyalty. Since Art failed, he is shot.

Mhgykioxmpoflu5rhrjty9wub1t 5x8 – The Blessington Method

J.J. Bunts is a member of the Society of Gerontology. The society is focused on solving the problem of old age. Mr. Treadwell hires the society to take care of his aged mother-in-law. The society kills her, but Treadwell is disturbed to find out that he may also share a similar fate one day.

Ffrzjwsdrdgmpuidzemxcqvkpp2 5x9 – Dead Weight

Unknown to his wife, Courtney Masterson has a latenight encounter with his girlfriend at lover's lane. There they are attacked by a robber name Rudy. Courtney manages to overpower his attacker and locks him in the trunk. Fearing blackmail, he kills Rudy after taking his girlfriend home. The tells the police that he acted in self-defense. Later, however, he learns that his wife hired a detective to follow him to lover's lane. The detective knowing everything decides to blackmail Courtney.

6vno45lhpv6hd018ok44cor9huq 5x10 – Special Delivery

Tommy Fortnum is an eleven year old boy who recieves a special delivery package from a house of novelties. It contains mushrooms. Tommy's dad, Hugh begins to worry about the mushroom when people in his neighborhood start disappearing. He believes the Earth is being invaded by Martians and that the mushroom are being used to take people over. Later, Hugh goes down into his basement. He sees the mushroom growing everywhere. His son offers him a mushroom sandwich. His father overcome, decides to have a bite.

Yhrgfa6fdfrlbwvpqts6ldru2vz 5x11 – Road Hog

Sam Pine's son is dies when a road hog prevents him from getting his son to the hospital in time. Sam invites the roadhog over to his house. He gives him a drink and tells him its poisoned. The roadhog takes off intedning to drive to the hospital. Sam's other son's drive in slowly in front of him and prevent him from passing. When the road hog tries to pass, he crashes and dies. Later Sam reveals that the drink wasn't poisoned at all.

Deviqwggn0xoow8jiym0uqq8wy6 5x12 – Specialty of the House

Mr. Laffler wants to be a life member of a gourmet restaurant named Spiro's. When he looks into the off-limits kitchen he becomes a life member and like all life members, he becomes the specialty of the house.

Gwi92gtunqaqcxdypohnbttoomm 5x13 – An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge

After the Battle of Shiloh a confederate prisoner Peyton Farquhar is taken to Owl Creek Bridge to be hanged for his Souther sympathies. When the trap is sprung his rope breaks and he escapes. He manages to make it home and is almost in the arms of his wife Melissa when his neck snaps suddenly and he dies at the end of the hangman's rope having imagined the entire escape in the seconds before his death.

A7lyrp4ydcvr6yyu8ipmjruewzf 5x14 – Graduating Class

Laura Siddons has just become a literature teacher at an girl's school. On evening she notices one of her students named Gloria at a racy nightclub. Later on a date with a man named Ben Proudy she sees him leave the with a man. Laura asks Gloria about this and she reveals that she is married to the man but does not want her mother to find out. Laura agrees to keep Gloria's secret. Later, however, she discovers that Gloria's mother has lapsed into a coma. Ben Proudy told Gloria's mother the secret and demanded money from her to keep it secret. Later, Gloria wrongly accuses Laura of being part of the Proudy's plot. He career is ruined.

A2gvolusgtyaqhwym9zpvjspgkd 5x15 – Man from the South

In a Las Vegas casino, an unpleasant little man hopes to use a young man's wish to impress the young woman he has just met to pressure the young fellow into accepting a macabre bet.

Mbz88wzt2k5xu3ks8utxxzwdv1m 5x16 – The Ikon of Elijah

Carpius obtains a copy of a valuable ikon and wished to switch it with the original. He goes to the monastery where it is kept and tries to steal it. He is discovered by a monk who he then kills. Other monks hear the commotion and capture Carpius. Carpius pleads for forgiveness. The archimandrite tell him that forgiveness is only possible through prayer. Carpius gets down on his knees and prayers. Behind him the monks lock the door. They want him to pray their for the rest of his life.

4es3hex3yhkpbqeurkgtqe8j90g 5x17 – The Cure

Jeff Jensen searches the Amazon for oil with a middle-aged man and his wife Marie. One night, Jensen is startled to discover Maria holding a knife on him. His servant Luiz stops her before she can do anything. Jeff tells Luiz and his business partner Mike to take her to head shrinker. Maria likes this idea since she hopes to talk Mike into killing Luiz. Later Luiz returns are reveals that he had been forced to kill Mike. He also adds that everything else went smoothly. He proudly displays Marie's shrunken head.

K8hk1w4trpyrd6lrvqlapvhgipp 5x18 – Backward, Turn Backward

Sheriff Andy Willett investigatest he murder of a man named Matt Thompson who was beaten to death with a wrench. He suspects a man named Phil Canby. Phil was involved in an affair with Matt's daughter Sue. Sheriff Willett discovers that a baby's cries were heard on the murder night. Knowing that Phil had been babysitting, he arrests Canby. As he is being taken way, his daughter Betty Canby yells at Sue. She blames him for ruining her father. She also yealls at the sheriff. She begins to cry, almost regressing into infancy. She is mentally ill and was the murderer.

1u8z36chbu0ygksxoeasclctxfd 5x19 – Not the Running Type

Milton Potter steals twenty thousand dollars from the firm where he works. He then turns himself in. He, however, does not return the money. Twelve years later he is released from jail. Suprisingly, he returns the money and goes on a cruise. He had kept the money in banks and wants to live the rest of his life on the interested it earned while he was in jail.

Gpp3cwulf5cegd1qozdzs4ul5b4 5x20 – The Day of the Bullet

Clete Vine discovers that his boyhood friend turned ganster Iggy has been murderer. He recalls the origin of Iggy's life of crime. Thirty five years ago a young Clete and Iggy saw a thug named Mr. Rose attacking a man. Clete was too scared to say anything while Iggy went to the police. Rose, however, was released. Later Iggy's father is intimidated by Rose and accuses his son of making up the whole story. Alienated, Iggy turned to a life of crime and later died from it.

9i0eonzr9gninmpgwjjrye8ldde 5x21 – Hitch Hike

Charles Underhill is driving to San Francisco with his niece Anne. They pick up a hitchhiker. The boy tells them he was once in reform school. Charles grows nervous. When he is pulled over by the police for speeding, he accuses the boy of trying to stab him. The police search the boy and find nothing and writes a ticket for Charles. The boy later reveals that he was sent to reform school for pick-pocketing. He reveals the police officer's ticket book and rips up Charles's speeding ticket.

M4cornliaivyzadecdeoon6ah5z 5x22 – Across the Threshold

Sofie Winter is a wealthy widow that tries to control the life of ber son Hubert. She misses her husband dearly and often thinks of him as waiting just across the threshold for her. She wants to talk to her husband wondering whether he is lonely and wants her to come to him. Hubert convinces his mother that he knows a medium. The ""medium"" is actually his girlfriend Irman. Irma tells Sofie that her dead husband is lonely and that he wants her to join them. Sofie agrees to take a fatal dose of medicine, but stalls. Hubert grows upsey and gets himself a drink. He soon dies. His mother poisoned the drink. She wanted her son to join his parents in the afterlife.

Pk47byr6x3yoecv7zoej0vtfl3g 5x23 – Craig's Will

Tom's late uncle leave millions of dollars to his dog Casper. The will has one condition: when Casper dies all the money will be Tom's. Tom is persuaded by his girlfriend to kill the dog. He takes Casper to the woods but gets cold feet. He tells Judy that he will not hurt the dog. Later, Judy hires a hitman named Noonan to kill the dog. He tries to drown the dog in a boat. When the boat tips over the dog saves his life. He tells Judy that he is not going to kill the dog. When Tom finds out about Judy's murder plot he grows unhappy with her. Casper the dog, however, does not.

Zpihkassogttgfwrolfwlzl2x9m 5x24 – Madame Mystery

Jimmy Dolan works for Goliath Studios. When star actress Betsy Blake drowns, he hopes to turn the publicity surrounding the murder into publicity for her last movie which was produced by Goliath Studios. When Betsy later turns up alive and seriously overweight, he drives her to the beach and drowns her. Later he is arrested. They tell him head kill her mother if it served his purposes. He responds by asking how they knew.

Scvvboh45n8cs8fjfdrzvssu6f9 5x25 – The Little Man Who Was There

A group of miners at a bar are shocked when a little man arrives and challenges two large men named Ben and Jamie to a test of strength. They laugh at him, but when the test happens the two men are paralyzed by the little man's ""magical power"". The little men then rob the astonished and dearful miners. Later Ben and Jamie show up at the little man's cabin. They thank each other and begin to plan for their next big scam.

Rcijff1tlie3hyswfcr5gquwshk 5x26 – Mother, May I Go out to Swim?

John Cane is a mother's boy. He goes to Vermont and falls in love with Lotte Rank. They decide to get married. Later, John's mother arrives. She obviously dislikes Lotte and John is reluctant to tell her that they want to marry. They plan to kill Clair. They take her up to a cliff, but John has a change of heart. He shoves someone to her death, but it is not her mother: it's Lotte.

A0pid23ovznbeblseqxxlg0kmb0 5x27 – The Cuckoo Clock

Ida Blythe wants to stay in her summer cottage despite the fact that there is an escaped lunatic on the loose. A strange woman named Madeleine Hall arrives at her cottage and she and Ida sit down for tea. Madeleine tells Ida a story about her aunt. Apparantly, Madeleine's aunt one cut the head off her pet canary. The story upsets Ida, but Madeleine later reveals that the story was a lie. Someone comes to the door. He tells Ida to be careful of the escaped lunatic because she is dangerous. Ida suspects Madeleine and the too soon get into a scuffle. Madeline is knocked unconscious and Ida calls for help. The man who warned her returns. He enters the house and bolts the door. He is the lunatic. When a cuckoo clock startles him, he braks it. He attacks Ida but motions her to the clock. The head on the cuckoo of the clock has been cut off.

Pb6hlm215xplfldv1pjz1lyum1e 5x28 – Forty Detectives Later

William Tyre is the forty first detective hired by Munro Dean in order to track down his wife's killer. William manages to track down a man named Otto. Munro then offers William money to kill Otto, but William turns it down. He arranges a meeting between Munro and Otto. At the encounter, Otto is killed. Before dying he confesses to the murder but also adds that he was paid by Munro to do so. Munro hired the detectives in order to track down his hit man in order to keep him quite.

Icotj1lvfcnuypnqfldwsidf9tq 5x29 – The Hero

While traveling on a ship Richard Musgrave meets a man named Keyser that looks like his former partner, a man he once robbed and left for dead. He talks to Keyser, but Keyser denies that he ever met Musgrave. Later, however, he subltely reveals that he was Musgrave's former partner. Keyser jumps overboard in remourse. Keyser jumps after him. He pretends to save him, but drowns him in the ocean. After Keyser is pulled back aboard the ship, he is awarded a medal for attempting to save a man he never met.

Tckorkjazolfqrsulpm1fjojfu3 5x30 – Insomnia

Charles Cavender is having a terrible case of insomnia. He visits a psychologist Doctor Tedaldi for help. He tells the doctor that his his wife died in a fire. He also adds that her brother Fletcher blames him for her death. The doctor suggests that he and his brother-in-law should try to resolve their diffences. He meets Fletcher but they get into an argument. There is a fight and Fletcher is killed. Cavender then returns hom and is finally able to get some rest. He goes to sleep and a fire breaks out. His sleep is so deep that the fire does not wake him up and he dies.

Bluajm5jfftkhskewrfxvqwq45u 5x31 – I Can Take Care of Myself

Bert Haber is a piano player who injects himself into a scuffle between a mobster named Little Dandy and a singer. Dandy is punched in the faces and vows revenge. Later, Bert is approached by a man trying to sell him life insurance at Dandy's recommendation. Bert refuses thinking that he can take car of himself. The next day a detective arrives. He tells Bert that his singer friend was murdered last night. The detective wants Bert to testify against Dandy. Bert agrees, but he wants police protection. The detective takes him to his car. Bert gets in a discovers the insurance man. The men work for Little Dandy, and Bert is promptly killed.

Mxqt6e1tkl67ofmfwrhgnlw7d5j 5x32 – One Grave Too Many

Joe Helmer sees a man collapse on the street. He checks his pulse and feels nothing. He then sees that his wallet is filled with money. He takes the wallet and runs off. He later examines the wallet and finds a card that alerts him that the man was ill with a disease that makes him appear dead. Guilt ridden, he goes to the police and tells his story. They tell him that the man actually died and was not the real owner of the wallet. He was a pickpocket.

1kaldazzbdrbgdngnotatd69n8p 5x33 – Party Line

Helen Parch shares a telephone party line with her two neighbors: Betty and Emma. One day Helen hears that Heywood Miller is coming back into town. She once shared a party line with him. Heywood's wife died after Helen refused to get off the phone so he could call the hospital. Helen is terrified that Heywood is coming to kill her. When she hears noise coming from her basement she tries to call the police. Unfortunately, Betty and Emma are on the line and refuse to believe that she is in danger. They stay on the phone while Heywood appears upstairs to kill Helen.

Kq8appdqouklzouytq4mwfqawdv 5x34 – Cell 227

Herbert Morrison is on death row facing execution. He hates a man named Pops Lafferty who continually tries to cheer up inmates on death row. The day of Morrison's execution, he attacks Pops and kills him. Later, however, he discovers that a witness had come forward and cleared him of the murder that put him on death row. Unfortunately, Morrison also learns that he faces the gas chamber for killing Pops.

Yd30yk92odhlkoot5id3yxv9hcm 5x35 – The Schwartz-Metterklume Method

Mrs. Wellington picks up her new governess Miss Hope at a train station. Miss Hope critizes the Wellingtons with regard to their taste. She takes care of the children by using the The Schwartz-Metterklume Method whereby the children are allowed to run completely wild. Eventually, Mrs. Wellington fires her governess. Later, she discovers that Miss Hope is actually the wealthy and eccentric Lady Charlotte. She was not the governess, but when she was mistaken for one she decided to go along to see what would happen.

7eq3c41a0fbvymbp1b7ejmw5wtm 5x36 – Letter of Credit

A man named Henry Lowden calls William Spengler and asks for information for a book. Spengler is a president of a bank and Lowden wants information on an unsolved crime. Lowden is interested in a man named Mathias who was shot after attempting an escape from prison. Spengler tells Lowden that Mathias stole a half million dollars from the bank which has not been recovered. Later, Lowden's investigation reveals that Spengler was in fact the robber. Spengler offers to cut him in. Lowden refuses and calls the police. He was not a writer; rather, he was the prison guard who shot Mathias, an innocent man framed by Spengler.

Bcgp3esefpemspjtiynuhrlpdwv 5x37 – Escape to Sonoita

Bill and Andy Davis drive a tanker truck through the Arizona desert. When their car overheats, they see another car get into an accident. They go to help out, but discover a kidnapping victim and her kidnappers: Marshall and Lemon. The kidnappers pull guns on Bill and Andy and then take their truck. Bill, Andy, and the kidnapping victim are left in the desert. Andy knows there is a nearby town. At night they travel and are rescued. Later, there is a search for the kidnappers. They find Lemon's body. He had been shot in a fight over the waterbag. Later, the tanker truck is located. Marshall lies dead outside it. Next to him in an empty waterbag. Later, it is revealed that the tanker truck stolen by the kidnappers was hauling water: two thousand gallons of it.

Q42rcz2mdxbjijxgaf9rrmkqoyk 5x38 – Hooked

Ray Marschand is on a fishing trip at a camp with his wife Gladys. Ray falls for and becomes involved with the young daughter Nila of the owner of the camp. Ray plans to kill his wife so he can be with Nila. Since Gladys can't swin he will accompany her on the next fishing boat and push her off. All goes according to plan, except when the boat comes back it is Gladys who survives. She then reveals that she wants to marry Nila's dad. She'll do so, of course, after a proper morning period.

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