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Yjbpmm916sqs9y7ig5ydy6aijdl 1x1 – Blood Price

Vicki Nelson, an ex-police detective with Retinitis Pigmentosa, gets caught up in an investigation after she witnesses a murder and the victim's girlfriend asks her to prove it was committed by a vampire.

57xzs3i6q9980zijrtawcmpuaaq 1x2 – Blood Price: Part Two

Vicki learns the truth about Henry, and their lives get more dangerous as Norman escalates his requests.

Dikjejylrvku5pnca16qahszrly 1x3 – Bad JuJu

Vicki gets caught up in voodoo when she tries to locate her client's brother.

Qlktvbt509vmk7neaqv39wzwtli 1x4 – Gifted

When Vicki goes looking for a dead-beat dad, she finds a little more supernatural, and many more memories, than she wants.

Dxjndbkp63vdjf6rumnsypwiyak 1x5 – Deadly Departed

Vicki runs up against a Celtic spell when she investigates why a judge, prosecutor and defense attorney are being targeted.

Ifzviok3jxqdhadpaxjtagrit4j 1x6 – Love Hurts

Vicki tries to clear a client of charges he murdered his wife, but with the jousting between Henry and Mike, and a disturbing dream, it looks like the case may be a little more complicated than she thought.

Drpfbchn0ycyabd8j1xfwhge3ta 1x7 – Heart of Ice

Vicki's investigation into the disappearance of a homeless woman brings her up against a creature that may be more powerful than Henry. Elsewhere, Mike is approached by a mysterious stranger who knows more about Henry.

95u9gskbehr1xldz7boilskmfre 1x8 – Heart of Fire

Mike and Vicki race against time to save Henry.

Jmxwc5znao8oghhkbrdey7tkgb9 1x9 – Stone Cold

Vick is asked to investigate the disappearance of a young man, and it leads to a club owner whom Mike is attracted to.

Olx3xsrs7raklcxdxcjx9zc2bcp 1x10 – Necrodrome

Vicki is on the trail of a body that has apparently been resurrected.

Vpocs9j8hfuz1eleupagrlkolfn 1x11 – Post Partum

Vicki goes undercover at a fertility clinic that has an astounding rate of success.

Y6ilszumukry49t2u8tcwp8jxgj 1x12 – Norman

Norman is back from his demon dimension, and things are not looking good for Vicki.

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