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1x1 – Kyrie Eleison

Martin is ordered to prevent further liberal reforms from being passed by the GDR government. Following his own plan, he gets caught in a chain of events.

1x2 – November Nights

International intelligence services interested in Martin always offer him the same options: either to be locked up, hired or killed.

1x3 – Magic

When the terrorists put Martin to a radical test, he has to face his past.

1x4 – Operation Condor

Martin comes to in Frankfurt, in the middle of the preparations for a major terrorist attack. He desperately tries to prevent the bomb from going off.

1x5 – Timisoara Rebellion

Martin and Nicole follow Lenora, who is looking for shelter in Romania with Grigore.

1x6 – Quando Ti Guardo

Lenora heads to Italy to meet with Fuchs for help with her next plan. Tina can't let East Germany get away with killing Christoph. Martin faces off with Lenora and she tries to convince him to join in assassinating Kohl. Fuchs teams up with Valdez.

1x7 – Phase Zwei

Martin goes in pursuit of Lenora. As Tina manages to overpower her interrogator, Tischbier is caught up in the fray. Valdez and Brigitte pull the threads of the Kohl assassination attempt.

1x8 – The End of History

Martin is held and tortured by Valdez, who wants to force a false confession. Brigitte teams up with Schweppenstette to save Martin and faces off with Lenora. Nina and Fritz discover the HVA in exile and have a proposition for Fuchs and Dietrich.

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