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2x1 – Episode 1

An archeologist named Dr. Linquist takes the Lee brothers to an ancient underground Dragon Dojo where they discover powerful Dragon artifacts known as the Dragon Claws. Dr. Linquist also discovers an ancient being known as the Shadow Khan, who is trapped in a shield prison.

2x2 – Episode 2

Ice Pick invents a new video game-like virtual reality system which allows him to blast people and objects in the real world. When he then manages to digitize the Double Dragons into the video game, a young, video game-obsessed boy named Danny must use his skills to help the Lee brothers escape from the virtual reality machine and retrieve the Dragon Claws.

2x3 – Episode 3

The Shadow Master begins using a virtual reality system to steal computer data from around the world. When he kidnaps Kona's date, who is secretly an undercover Interpol agent, the Dragons resort to a jailed computer hacker named Megabyte to beat the Shadow Master at his own game.

2x4 – Episode 4

Shadow Master has told the city when doomsday will come and it's up to the Double Dragon's to stop it...

2x5 – Episode 5

The Shadow Master once again uses a virtual reality system, this time to absorb people's minds and become the smartest man alive. Billy, Jimmy and Kona must once again team up with Megabyte and Sashiko to stop the Shadow Master and free the imprisoned minds.

2x6 – Episode 6

When the Shadow Master begins enslaving an underground city of mutants in his factory, the Double Dragons decide to rescue the workers with the help of a mutant named Daj.

2x7 – Episode 7

The Shadow Master steals a sword and hopes that he can unleash an evil spirit from within...

2x8 – Episode 8

Countdown betrays the Shadow Master after being chastised for bumbling a mission. With help from Countdown, the Shadow Khan hypnotizes Daj and causes him to throw the Dragon Claws in the Black Flame, freeing Khan from his prison. After dominating the Shadow Master and taking control of his Shadow Warriors, Khan launches an attack on the Dragon Dojo.

2x9 – Episode 9

As the Undertown mutants head above ground to be accepted as equals by Metro City, the Shadow Master hatches a plan to kidnap the police commissioner's daughter and blame it on the mutants. The Double Dragons must not only stop the escalating violence between Metro City and the Undertown mutants, but they must rescue the commissioner's daughter as well.

2x10 – Episode 10

The Shadow Khan revives his ancient group of Terror Warriors and begins attacking Metro City. Finding their current weapons and armor useless against Khan and his warriors, the Dragons turn to an old friend, Kami, to craft new armor which will help them stop the Shadow Khan and his minions.

2x11 – Episode 11

The Shadow Master revives an ancient beast known as the Shadowmonster, which centuries ago defeated Dao Lung's master, Chen Long. To his surprise, Dao Lung then discovers his master sleeping in a cave, alive and well. The Dragon Masters then awaken the ancient Dragon Warrior to help fight against the Shadowmonster once more.

2x12 – Episode 12

The double dragons come across an old foe in the undertown...

2x13 – Episode 13

The Shadow Master begins manufacturing a steroid-like drug called RPM from his new underground factory. When he contaminates Billy with the drug, Jimmy and Daj must free Billy and help him break his addiction.

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