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1x1 – The Master's Mirror

Hawk searches for an old friend and fellow Vietnam War vet turned stressed-out government operative named David Tracton, who has become a killing machine. Hawk's old boss Colonel Edward Stoller, the director of covert field operations in U.S. Intelligence, asks Hawk to look for Tracton and bring him in before it's too late. Hawk enlists the help of Tracton's half-Vietnamese daughter to save his friend. Tracton is ultimately shot to death at the Jefferson Memorial after Hawk, unaware that he's being followed, leads him there.

1x2 – A Time and a Place

The police are pointed in Hawk's direction for the murder of a policeman. He gets into a fight with a cop.

1x3 – Hear No Evil

Hawk is hired to protect a deaf university student, and his roommate, who witnessed a murder.

1x4 – Passing the Bar

Hawk comes to the aid of an old lawyer friend who is trying to defend a man on a murder charge.

1x5 – The Divided Child

The Kirkpatricks hire Hawk to protect their family after the attempted kidnapping of their son. Hawk's job is made harder when their son tries to understand why a kidnapping attempt was made.

1x6 – Vendetta

Hawk's cousin has a contract put on his head after romancing the girlfriend of a member of the mob. He comes to the rescue.

1x7 – Choice of Chance

When a federal witness is gunned down in his home, the unfortunate family living next door get caught in the gunfire.

1x8 – Poison

While he is tracking down the source of heroin laced with strychnine, Hawk is repeatedly disrupted by a dogged reporter.

1x9 – Never My Love

Hawk is bothered by two violent brothers, one of whom seems intent on causing trouble for him.

1x10 – Intensive Care

When Hawk and Old Man's sister are taken hostage in the hospital by armed men, Hawk has an idea to make the situation go his way, not as the gunmen would like it to go.

1x11 – If Memory Serves

Hawk is hired to protect a Haitian historian from someone he believes is trying to use voodoo to learn of a secret.

1x12 – Beautiful Are the Stars

Hawk comes into the possession of some South African diamonds and, in doing so, gains the attention of a hit man.

1x13 – Life After Death

Hawk helps a young man to prove that he did not shoot his pregnant girlfriend.

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