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M8gbblf8rwlcdxiduxqfdaodsrk 1x1 – Pilot
68f3iihpusv4omepto3rcl1cqsh 1x2 – The Wrath of Farrakhan
Bocudtx33wmk4h50qisvjzwduwb 1x3 – Lean on Me Beautiful
8jyixxzhzoudlladojpcb07rtni 1x4 – Transitions
Whehewhdqpywyafzsgsssdrsvmp 1x5 – A Date with Grace Jones
9h6iscako91u2ytstnhbqtsuksj 1x6 – Jheri's Kids
Blu36rpgj9jxcfmoynljwyunexu 1x7 – Don King: The Early Years
A6lummthvgyiicfvheqvalnaxdh 1x8 – Endangered Species

President Jesse Jackson press conference, The Mayweathers greatest hits, Joan Embery on the Tonight Show with a specimen of Home Boy Sapiens Africanus, Casa de Hair, and This Ol' Box with Anton Jackson.

Wlkwzak4bhiqzv7cwj8giflhhyw 1x9 – Introducing... Homey D. Clown

Home Boy Seminar, America's Funniest Security Camera Videos, Andrea Dice Clay, Hey Mon - flight crew, and Homey D. Clown entertains at a birthday party.

Pavfiso9ord8knkorfsk5qejdah 1x10 – Vera DeMilo
Pbq8zihrukrdkmhsxu6chxjibj5 1x11 – Anton and the People's Court

The Brothers Brothers, M.C. Hammer Video, Cine-Globe, Calhoun Tubbs, Ted Turners' Very Colorized Classics - The Kid, and Anton on Po' People's Court.

2owngybnecsokp5u5xsnvxgx0gk 1x12 – Conspiracy

A hypnotized man can't stop clucking like a chicken after the hypnotist drops dead; Ray Charles in Charge; Lil Richard's Playhouse; Della Reese's Pieces; A high-level conspiracy prevents a black employee's promotion to french fries.

Bw3lhzqz6xguqytrltuh6lyk78m 1x13 – Homey D. Clown Returns

Homey D. Clown at the carnival, Benita Butrell gossips with new neighbor, Michael Winslow - A One Man Show, Samantha Kinison, and The Buttmans.

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