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2axwizq5pnbmdaliu40z5o6octj 1x1 – Tag 1

A 15-year-old boy is taken from a wealthy New York family and held for ransom.

Idpzbf6hbi2kgoo4kppqtbd5yxo 1x2 – Tag 2

The Cains receive an alarming parcel in the mail, sending Knapp to find Aubrey, and Conrad to his father to talk about his past.

J44pdhksgrtghusyxp6yajbnrml 1x3 – Tag 3

At the insistence of Knapp and King, the Cain family hosts their annual charity ball to avoid suspicion that Leopold has been kidnapped.

53lcyiyrwzztfeg2bqokedjbgpq 1x4 – Tag 4

Lattimer asks Lucian to apply at a private military company in order to fish out the name of Virgil's shooter. Meanwhile, Leopold requires a doctor.

Ctaci7sillplrpizelau4bqegzh 1x5 – Tag 5

Knapp and King figure out the name of one of the suspects and race to find the criminal mastermind. Leopold desperately tries to get to a cell phone before the battery dies.

Imgfesdfom2e9j6sci2pjbntyog 1x6 – Tag 6

Ellie's father, Benjamin Rand, steps in and takes over to get Leopold back and he's willing to do anything to get his grandson back. Knapp and King continue searching into the Cain's shady past. Conrad is arrested.

Eiokq1xdkiojtsfwhltcrsdu4gt 1x7 – Tag 7

The story of the kidnapping is leaked to the press. Knapp finds out that the Cain's might have known all along that Leopold was a possible target for the kidnapping.

L7a1aikeeuvbdxgeuzbqu1yugcb 1x8 – Tag 8

Leo's captors find out about the burned money, and The Operator makes a move. Emails provide new information about Virgil as he puts himself up as bait.

98vvfgupmaonkhnrwimzkawi2du 1x9 – Tag 9

Torture of the Accountant produces results that endanger Knapp, and Virgil gets assistance from someone in the Cain family.

Iqy3mlx9xr8rnydtry7bp9qyzhn 1x10 – Tag 10

Lucian tracks down and captures Vivian Guttman, but the foresighted mastermind behind everything sets a contingency plan in motion, threatening the life of Latimer's daughter in return, so Lucian summons an ace-in-the-hole for help.

3j7jn49k5qaolflo0oesbspcz2y 1x11 – Tag 11

Dissension in the kidnappers' ranks creates an opportunity, and an inside man is found.

Glwpjpygrzkv6xfr9liwkh6emze 1x12 – Tag 12

Knapp and King close in on Leo's location, but more people add themselves to the equation on both sides; a letter brings a clue.

Hlotnprjhbemv9ejvoofnbp36wx 1x13 – Tag 13

Leo's home, but King can't let go of finding out the cause for everything.

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