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1x1 – Bombenterror

LAPD Homicide/Robbery Officers and new partners, Chase McDonald and August Brooks, meet during a massive gunfight.

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1x2 – Blutiger Irrtum

On the verge of an all out gang war, August races to stop one of his Youth Center kids from killing the opposing gang member that killed his brother.

1x3 – Tod einer Hure

Chase and August are ambushed while providing routine transit protection for Cecil, who is supposed to testify against the mob.

1x4 – Der Maulwurf

Chase and August must protect a prostitute who is an eyewitness to a murder.

1x5 – Heiße Ware

The pair track down a gang of thieves who, disguised in dramatic Halloween costumes, steal silicon chips and sell them overseas.

1x6 – Kokain

A camera crew from the biggest reality show follows Chase and August around to catch a glimpse of real life police drama.

1x7 – Mit den Waffen einer Frau

While teaching the ladies rollerblading, Chase and August must pursue a purse snatcher who's favorite mode of transportation is a skateboard.

1x8 – Blutiges Hollywood

Chase and August must catch a mysterious and complex serial killer who is killing young women in the city.

1x9 – Tödliche Worte

Chase and August mistake an actor from America's Most Wanted for the murder suspect he portrayed on television.

Ks2o3c5vyx3mpbos0ewl2uj23r3 1x10 – Der Hitmacher

After unexpectedly catching two perps during a bank heist, Chase must make a detour on his way to lock-up to pick up Jody's parents. Despite efforts to make a good first impression, he horrifies them by crashing his police car into the station.

1x11 – Die Russen-Mafia

While teaching a self-defence class in full protective clothing, a purse snatcher tries to get away with a students purse. A comical foot chase ensues as Chase nails the perp.

1x12 – Revanche

The duo must solve the murder of August's former trainer.

1x13 – Die Totenliste

Chase must see the police psychiatrist when he kills a perpetrator holding hostages.

1x14 – Die Organhändler

A suspect commandeers a bakery truck and leads Chase and August, who's on a diet, on a wild ride. Their colleague, Maria, goes undercover as prostitute to catch a murderous illegal organ trader who pays prostitutes to bring him victims.

1x15 – Illegal

At a taco stand, two gang members engage in a vicious fistfight.

1x16 – Das Drogenkartell

The Falcon argues with another biker, resulting in a huge meth-lab explosion.

1x17 – Selbstjustiz

Chase and August practice target shooting at a local shooting range.

1x18 – Ein gefährliches Hobby

Chase and August try to arrest a mime

1x19 – Durchtriebenes Spiel

While holding a suspect at bay, Chase and August are rattled by an earthquake.

1x20 – Dem Tode geweiht

When Chase picks the lock to a suspect's door, the suspect leads the officers on a rooftop chase.

1x21 – Terror

While pursuing a suspect, Chase and August inadvertently stumble into a nudist camp.

1x22 – Mord in der Klinik

Chase goes undercover with the Mafia, only to find that the group he is infiltrated with are also undercover cops.

1x23 – Serien-Killer

An actor from a 1960's TV series becomes a suspect in the murders of several people affiliated with the show.

1x24 – Feuer frei!

Chase and August must uncover and stop an illegal gun-running operation.

1x25 – Die Männer in Schwarz

After the murder of a scientist, Chase and August become the targets of government contractors who are developing a dangerous biological weapon.

1x26 – Im Koma

As Chase lies in a coma after a car accident, August and other friends and officers gather in the hospital to talk Chase through his coma and reminisce about the past year.

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