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4x1 – Episode 1

The Suttons prepare to leave Lincoln Heights after the earthquake.

4x2 – Episode 2

Charles panics when the police don't give up the case, Lizzie sets up another student and Tay and Jenn make their feelings known about Nate Ray and Dana.

4x3 – Episode 3

The community is in an uproar because their FEMA checks have disappeared, and the Sutton children's near-misses reveal that an old enemy of Eddie's has resurfaced.

4x4 – Episode 4

Charles and Cassie go in search of Charles' father, while Lizzie tries to help a boy in need but makes a shocking discovery.

4x5 – Episode 5

Eddie and Cassie go to help Charles when he realizes his new family isn't as great as he thought.

4x6 – Episode 6

Sage invites Cassie out to get her mind off Charles, while Lizzie finally says goodbye to Johnny.

4x7 – Episode 7

Eddie tries to bond with Tay but Tay ditches him for a singing contest, while Jenn is taken to the hospital with a mystery illness.

4x8 – Episode 8

Cassie gets a ticket to NYC for her 18th birthday, while Jenn's condition becomes more serious.

4x9 – Episode 9

Cyd Glass gets parole and comes to stay with the Sutton's to help find who the money belongs to, Cassie and Charles struggle with where to go to school after Cassie's trip to New York City, Nate Ray returns home but has trouble leaving the war behind. Meanwhile Jenn tries to locate the source of her virus and Lizzie tries to regain her role in the play.

4x10 – Episode 10

Charles tells Cassie he wants to join the army which leads Cassie to take a stand, while Lizzie fights to keep the school musical from getting canceled.

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