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9gcg2eudnjs63fwbfgyevyhffd0 1x1 – Episode 1

When Nicolo Giambaccinni christens a new ocean liner, it blows up. Someone put nitroglycerin in the champagne. Murder suspects include his daughter Serena, his mistress Karen Ann, Karen Ann's agent Cody, and investor Wildcat Callahan.

Aejk0gmkpco4dv6ymvnjdky9dde 1x2 – Episode 2

Tabloid publisher Al Brodax is nearly electrocuted beside his pool. The prime suspects tried to sue him and lost: ex-con Hanrahan who became a scapegoat for his legal troubles; mobster Ross; a sexy centerfold; and a bigamist magician.

8dojtxec8lystnxyitaem7bv7fb 1x3 – Strom im Swimmingpool

When a fashion designer is murdered, the prime suspect is a model who happens to be Houston's ex. She turns to him for help. And he looks at the man's wife, his partner, and a designer.

Cc8ttr5slnlqa9ldmu9bxv4urxw 1x4 – Amors Pfeil kann töten

When football team owner Jock Stryker is killed, suspicion falls on quarterback Randy, a friend of Houston's. Many people wanted Stryker dead, including his abused girlfriend Andrea, his resentful gofer Crusher, and Coach Buck Turley.

Jftjtfwfevpkaa4nl3kohfqnaxz 1x5 – Gefährliches Endspiel

Actress Ramona Landers reports to the set of her comeback film. Her young costar Todd Gallagher accuses her of drunkenness, then gulps her drink and dies of poisoning. Houston interviews her husband and those involved with the film.

Tpqkzztylghazkqapbuibi40ptp 1x6 – Ramonas Comeback

Restaurant critic Roger Marsden's severed head is served in aspic to his snooty partner J Hamilton Goodfellow. The cops suspect a restaurant owner whose eatery the critics panned. And then attempts are made on Goodfellow's life.

Bpvlizadebxhhvyd1eravuwc1l8 1x7 – Ein mörderisches Rezept

Lifeguards at the beach are being fatally attacked by sharks. Before her daughter Sue becomes a victim, Alice Landa hired Houston to find out if a shark can be programmed to kill.

Tlzy7tsjv31kazfp1ekv28gkssq 1x8 – Haie in Malibu Beach

Critically ill Arab Prince Fahad has been abducted in his private plane while in flight, so his father King Abdul hires Houston to identify the guilty passenger. The Prince was on his way to medical treatment and has very little time left.

5ji6kgkhqkh2pyc0q7ygjc2ygdr 1x9 – Wettlauf gegen die Zeit

Manufacturer Will Hoyt is shot dead by a company robot, called a Joey. Murray's friend John Gordon Boyd designed the project that Hoyt was about to shut down. So Murray recruits Matt to rescue Boyd.

7p3l5vj4cafuofgerdtqrlxpbhp 1x10 – Programmiert auf Mord

At a hospital fund-raiser, Dr. Belkamp is shot by waiter Tom Chapman, a former orderly whom Belkamp fired for being inept. Chapman is killed while escaping. Did a member of the hospital research team hire him to kill Belkamp? If so, who?

Zquniyllvzsaxovb2eru64yau0 1x11 – Auftrag zum Mord

Boxer Bubba Dax dines with wife Janey and doctor Warren. On arriving to talk to Bubba, the doctor's nurse gets killed. Someone may be trying to kill Bubba who's had close calls lately. Bubba doesn't want Houston around.

Figglg5p8agr8kvgsgsb4us4a8a 1x12 – Kampf ohne Bandagen

Cat food magnate Felix Randolph is killed by his pet tiger. The grounds-keeper is arrested but Houston thinks the killer is one of four ex-wives, who accuse each other and cannot lay claim to the estate until the murder is solved.

Cbpf394fospz5apcdhqooxvqqqg 1x13 – Mord auf leisen Sohlen

While being named Commodore of a yacht club, boorish Rawson Harmon IV is killed by a snake. Manager Honey Lewis asks Houston to investigate. Suspects include Honey; her restless son Jeb; sleazy filmmaker Bevak; & gambler Binky.

Py0l83sy9me7hq8dr5d36lp52ld 1x14 – Mord im Yachtclub

Houston goes to the office to meet some people who asked to see him. But when he gets there, he learns that they think he asked them to come. But Houston doesn't know all of them. But then one of the guests says that they do have something in common but that's when he's killed. And they find themselves locked in. And that's when someone is sending them messages which are suppose to be hints of why he is targeting them. And more people are getting killed. And more messages are being sent.

Aoosadzofvphdxuxddklfagquf3 1x15 – Party ohne Gastgeber

Years ago, Matt sent dangerous psychotic Castanos to prison. Now Castanos escapes, makes an attempt on Matt, gets Bo instead, then kidnaps CJ to use as bait for a showdown with Matt in an abandoned amusement park.

Xloatdhgmhzo3o2zekat49inqrb 1x16 – Jeder muß einmal sterben

Womanizing scientist Ivar Mardosian dies of an induced heart attack while in the desert with colleagues awaiting alien contact. Are aliens really visiting, or is this a staged hoax to cover up a murder? And who killed him?

Sciz1jhfmmlm8kpg4bgsyodmnmm 1x17 – Mord unter Kollegen

Two men dressed like Laurel & Hardy try to kill C.J. Houston learns that some of her former sorority sisters have already been victims, and that the man that they had been dating could be responsible. But others are marked for murder, too.

4kbbohd3xpzewrcyei1arcsqh1k 1x18 – Im Quintett stirbt’s sich leichter

During a carnival fund-raiser, vicious gossip columnist Vonda Moran is blown up because someone tampered with a "strength test" mallet & ringing bell attraction. Houston is subsequently kidnapped and persuaded to investigate.

66bxagzlqf30150nxhwm6ctwfi6 1x19 – Der Beverly Woods Social Club

Alcoholic singer Johnny Foster wakes up with blood on his clothes and is arrested soon after for the serial killings of several Las Vegas showgirls. Johnny's friend Matt Houston thinks he's innocent.

3rharyu6a9tjdclk24svp3oqbth 1x20 – Mord nach der Vorstellung

Bloodied gunfire victim Eric Brant lands in a passing car, hands the driver a codebook, and gives her a message for Houston: Fear for Tomorrow. Brant dies when the car blows up. His assailants then go after Houston's buddy Vince Novelli.

11dufv91jsd1yq7grkjbwhbiv1h 1x21 – Blut gegen Dollars

After Houston's friend Winston Fowler's top jockey Cindy Gaines breaches her contract with him to move to England, she is fatally pitch-forked in a stable. Houston is found standing over her remains and subsequently arrested for her murder.

1pdvpsdwhkigd193407muhfvvhy 1x22 – Eine tödliche Unterredung

At a mystery writers' convention where Houston is the keynote speaker, publisher Wayne Slocum shoots hated mystery writer Emily Armor three times with a .45 magnum, then brazenly entreats his friend Houston to help solve her murder.

Wwetqwqi1p39bilfgju4fro6zbl 1x23 – Mord unter Autoren

Marquis Duval Sr. kidnaps C.J. and holds her hostage. As ransom, he demands that Houston arrange for his son, whom Houston considers a terrorist, to be released from prison.

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