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1sqaxofzqu4frduaavc251weowz 1x1 – Unser Pferd kann sprechen

Wilbur Post and his wife, Carol, move into their first house. They find the previous tenant's horse abandoned in the backyard barn. Carol insists on selling the animal, but Wilbur wants to keep it. To his surprise, the horse agrees with him.

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Rqplfwxbj3smxh4hapa8mgrknaz 1x2 – Der Bauchredner

The Post's neighbor, Roger, catches Mister Ed and Wilbur talking to each other.

Hglcvxiepxn9iyqy8zjk5d0b3ul 1x3 – Der Frauenclub

Wilbur gets help from Mister Ed to get more attention from Carol.

1x4 – Mister Ed reißt aus

Ed feels neglected on his birthday because Wilbur is leaving him at a stable, while he goes on a 3-day fishing trip to Mexico. Ed decides to run away and join Kiddy Park, where he gives rides to children.

Lbdzquaaelcwf4r3pytcoqgihhw 1x5 – Drei in einem Stall

Wilbur and his neighbor, Roger, are banished to the barn by their wives.

7pvszlj1ne8xd92foceej1xkkoi 1x6 – Maskottchen Mister Ed

Mister Ed is stolen and hidden in a sorority house basement. It's Wilbur, dressed in drag, to the rescue.

Bscnccg01zld1eyft00ibtrjt5y 1x7 – Ed beim Film

Mister Ed attempts to torpedo Wilbur's plans to have him march in the Pagent Parade.

4vo0qzlk70yfqujjydb2uablyuj 1x8 – Der Festzug

Wilbur is all set to enjoy a week's vacation relaxing at home, but his plans are ruined when his overbearing Aunt Martha and her talking parrot unexpectedly drop by for a prolonged visit.

Gima7d89xqtvpi0glfszhfwjtvt 1x9 – Tante Martha

While Mister Ed phones in racing tips to Pimlico Race Course, the Posts and the Addisons play Find The Statue.

Ydmrih1sqilm2x84ixcrhuxqicr 1x10 – Ab heute wird gespart

Marital strife boils over in both the Post and Addison households, and Mister Ed goes to work as an extra in a western movie.

N2x6nmsmiw4usgp60cvhxduhjil 1x11 – Ed ist Zeuge

Wilbur lands in a Mexican jail, and Mister Ed is the only crime witness that can help to set him free.

1x12 – Ein Pferd trifft seine Mutter

Ed writes and sings a song that is destined to become a hit record. Of course, Wilbur must pretend that it's all him and not Ed.

1x13 – Die Wette gilt

Mister Ed's mother is being used as a plow horse, so he begs Wilbur to buy her at auction. Carol is dead set against taking in another horse, and Roger is dead set against Kay spending any of his money at the auction.

Odyc9ktdw65w7izd8mctoleszv4 1x14 – Ed landet einen Hit

Wilbur and Carol head out to Pine Lake Lodge for a little rest and relaxation, leaving Ed at home.

Gmqyrhagf1sge0v4wtspkfg5kxx 1x15 – So ein lieber Pudel

Wilbur hires a bumbling handyman to fix up the house in anticipation of a visit from Home Beautiful Magazine, and Ed wants new shoes.

Nbi4jt3j1jlqhqgyxghgbkg9lg 1x16 – Höhenkoller

Carol brings a French Poodle home from the pound, and Mister Ed plans to get rid of Pierre as soon as possible.

M2rgywpgfqzydiqe0og91l16pdd 1x17 – Ein Mann für Velma

The new kid on the block is having trouble fitting in, so Mister Ed comes up with a plan to help him win friends.

Zjcvsxhdgcvcnvs7unpgtsxcfhm 1x18 – Das allerschönste Haus

Wilbur tries everything from hypnosis to psychiatry in order to cure Ed of his fear of heights.

94c50rtpbecouykeldcgd5f5yz6 1x19 – Keiner spielt mit Pete

After Ed starts giving Wilbur nothing but winning picks at the race track, everyone wants to get in on the gravy train - including Carol and Kay's milk fund for the school kids.

M6qmfiuuafchng8ite23h9fcvf6 1x20 – Auto oder Kutsche?

Carol has sprained her wrist, so Wilbur hires Velma, a fantastic cook. She even serves carrot pizzas to Ed. When Velma announces that she's leaving to find a boyfriend, Ed calls her on the phone and pretends to be a local secret admirer.

8zhyy2fjzgzqz0e9nknxyfqct1w 1x21 – Bart ab

When Wilbur balks at buying a new car for Carol, she hitches up a buggy to Mister Ed. Ed then reports her to the SPCA.

Yrbp56nv8ckqlfiqtgzx9haxgru 1x22 – Die andere Frau

Roger influences Wilbur to grow a mustache, and Carol insists that he shave it. Meanwhile, Ed wants Wilbur to install a shower in the barn.

R4ou2erasiw0cpebi42ika4nqub 1x23 – Halted den Dieb

Circumstantial evidence leads Carol to suspect that Wilbur is seeing another woman.

Ai1j7ibt76jeoslafpiut6kogee 1x24 – Der große Preis

Mister Ed wins $100 in Wilbur's name when he correctly answers a contest question over the telephone. Wilbur now has a chance to win $5000, but he's going to need Ed's help.

Ae2je0lglsfetxsbewwu8p1v0iv 1x25 – Ein Baum ist kein Baum

Wilbur gives away Ed to a prospective client in order to secure a home architecture job.

5dqta03c85jsg5qmicwvkv8jryt 1x26 – Ed wird verkauft

Wilbur buys a pair of pearl earrings as a surprise for Carol on her birthday, but a home burglar has other plans for them.

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