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1tc8frb7fq7m6puvty5y6ku2okw 1x1 – Freibier für keinen

Drunken father Frank is of no use to his dysfunctional family; Fiona meets a handsome stranger when her purse is stolen; Lip is shocked to discover his brother Ian is gay.

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Qphqcmytzlh1jb9cbqvt9ea4gmr 1x2 – Suffnase Frank

A manhunt ensues after Frank goes on a bender and turns up missing on Friday, the day he never fails to cash his disability check, and turns up in Toronto with no idea how he got there.

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7dfoy3rdalsteef24oqwolg4xyh 1x3 – Der Scheck heiligt die Mittel

Fiona turns her attentions to a cop, Tony, but Steve isn't willing to give up without a fight; Ian is targeted by the brothers of a girl he spurned; the family searches for the elderly aunt who owns their house.

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Hd52ddgxzlxolzqqlvijjffxsgj 1x4 – Nur mal spielen

A sad and lonely Debbie steals a little boy from a birthday party, forcing the family to scheme a way to return him; a web of lies ends in a marriage proposal from Kevin, who is already married.

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Xh5j3tdhyx1gmp6hjrszzpu6osf 1x5 – Drei Freunde

The family fakes a wedding when they learn Kevin's new fiancee comes with a substantial dowry; Frank deals with bad medical news by spiraling out of control; Steve looks for a new car, with Fiona along for the ride.

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P6l0xhfm9xbrnux7uhuyeszkhcg 1x6 – Killer Carl

Fiona tries to prove the Gallagher home is suitable for rehabilitating a delinquent; Lip gets busted taking the SAT for fellow students; Frank's poor business acumen continues to have negative consequences.

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Paowt92jxdjdwrst8uilqzottr8 1x7 – Ruhe sanft

Frank takes a risk when goons demand the six grand he owes them; Fiona agrees to a night away with Steve, leaving Liam in agoraphobic Sheila's care; Ian is fed up with Mickey's bullying of Kash.

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Vkrqywkyjnfq8zg1isdvactclsr 1x8 – Katerstimmung

When Frank gives up drinking, Sheila worries he'll no longer be attracted to her, while Carl and Debbie enjoy having their dad back - despite Lip's warning that it won't last; Fiona barely notices that Steve's behaving suspiciously.

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Js1jvtus2rqw0qx0zkpjknddssf 1x9 – Mamma Mia

Frank needs his ex-wife's signature to claim some settlement money; Debbie learns that Steve may not be who he says he is; Monica shows up and announces she's taking baby Liam.

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Pn4osp86rvl8x6izrlzi5pyeq0c 1x10 – Auf Oma ist Verlass

Monica's return wreaks havoc on the Gallagher clan, while Frank hits a new low to stop a disability worker from tampering with his benefits.

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Amtdmwfwvs8smsg7b0pgr7foymb 1x11 – Stoßgebete

Fiona meets a new friend at Debbie's mothers group; Tony unravels the truth about Steve's car-stealing business; Frank loses his worker's compensation and tasks his kids with finding him a new and promisingly dangerous job.

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P5ikpyelbpomho9ojmdtkz3snab 1x12 – Vater Frank voller Gnade

Steve tries to convince Fiona to skip town with him while she's trying to get Lip and Ian out of jail; Frank and Karen's secret is revealed, forcing Frank to go into hiding.

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