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Cdnk1nbbwbriucapdzhfiydz8oj 6x1 – Folge 1

For several weeks after the body of her husband has been pulled from the sea, Arlene Fleming receives calls from the allegedly dead spouse and finds evidence to suggest that he is still alive. The doctor advises admittance to a sanatorium to prevent a nervous breakdown. The Saint discovers that the main beneficiary to Fleming's will is his nephew, Andrew, who seems to be very closely involved with his uncle's main business rival. The Saint tries to talk to the locals to find out how Fleming died but is greeted by general hostility until one of them tells the Saint she...

8qlvoyivjby5yuxoxbjapwvj8hz 6x2 – Folge 2

Simon is captured by a casino owner who claims that he has stolen £100,000 from the casino.

2xzji6fmjj5kdbdrn5oj9ozdws3 6x3 – Folge 3

Having met his maker in an explosion in his car, retired villain Ed Brown shows a posthumous film to several rival gangsters which is also viewed by Brown's daughter Penny, previously innocent of her father's criminality, and the inevitable Saint. The film claims that Ed has deposited a million pounds in a Swiss bank and that whoever can match it can claim the money. A security van is to travel from the coast to London with a million pounds worth of gold bullion on board, making it the ideal target for the 'prize'. The Saint picks up the gauntlet but some of the other...

Txeqvoadd9ivyvm7l7msb58vl25 6x4 – Folge 4

Diplomat Jason Douglas has disappeared, along with a large sum of money, and sinister mystery man Walter Faber holds Sara, Douglas's daughter, hostage in exchange for news of the man's whereabouts. The Saint frees her and they track down her father, who tells them that the money is to be given to help a developing African country. Faber and his heavies catch up with them, threatening dire consequences if he does not get the money. However, the hunter becomes the pursued as the Saint gains the upper hand.

B0rhga57yctpt5cgjhfoxct7mz 6x5 – Folge 5

The Saint is contacted by Jonathan Roper, who is training a small international army, which he invites the Saint to join. In fact the Saint is working undercover for British military intelligence who are curious as to what Roper's plans are. Roper informs the Saint that he wants him to lead an assault on an army vehicle, stealing uniforms. It becomes apparent that Roper intends to disguise his men as British soldiers for criminal purposes. The Saint sets out to stop him.

Usctwk9djk89chjxtf2itezspkx 6x6 – Folge 6

Simon is hired by a Greek millionaire to locate the man who is impersonating him.

Cgvdzyhwyvqb8rezverz3tbggal 6x7 – Folge 7

Whilst in the company of his journalist friend Mary Ellen, the Saint receives a number of death threats, most starkly a wreath which informs him that he will be killed in two days' time. A couple of small-time crooks seem to be implicated in carrying messages for the would-be killer but both are bumped off before they can be of help to the Saint. With a hearse parked outside his door and Mary Ellen in the clutches of the murderer, time is running out for the Saint.

Kuanabbecpiee3h9lqjlmhmv0rg 6x8 – Folge 8

The Saint answers a cry for help from Jean Lane, whose brother Tony has got himself into hot water after being black-mailed into working for night-club owner Cord Thrandel, who is an all-round criminal. Having rescued Tony from Thrandel's clutches he investigates a warehouse in which he finds cases of plaster statues which contain heroin. He switches labels on the cases so that Thrandel loses his shipment. Thrandel is not happy and threatens to kill Jean unless the Saint returns his illicit property. Needless to say the Saint is eager to thwart the master plan.

3bq2xq0av0nen47jug3w6nj0m2h 6x9 – Folge 9

Simon is summonsed by the local doctor to a Welsh village where residents have been attacked by monstrous creatures.

Xp80pqrqguzsycbtsryqzvrtugo 6x10 – Folge 10

Five members of the board of a company called Combined Holdings have all been murdered.

68jnua595e5sormvpwgirqdac1m 6x11 – Folge 11

The Saint is asked to act as a bodyguard to the best-selling adventure author Amos Klein and, to his surprise, discovers that Amos is a young woman who uses a male pen-name. They are both captured by a man called Warlock, who has a moll called Galaxy Rose - both names of characters in Klein's books - but they too expect Amos Klein to be a man and are easily fooled when the Saint tells them that he is Amos and the young lady is his secretary. Warlock wants 'Amos' to use 'his' novelist's imagination to break in to Hermetico, a former mine that has been converted into a ...

8pzvnrihm7unp44r7zhgs9no65c 6x12 – Folge 12

Having been re-captured by Warlock and his gang, the Saint, still posing as 'Amos Klein', accompanies Warlock to Hermetico, the underground building Warlock wants to rob, posing as prospective clients, and making a note of the lay-out. The Saint devises a plan to breach its security and begins to train Warlock's men to raid the stronghold. However disaster strikes when one of the gang recognizes the Saint and his cover is blown. The real Amos is taken hostage on pain of death if the Saint does not carry out the robbery as planned.

Ayteyj6zmqkmrt6o57ffetmcc0x 6x13 – Folge 13

Whilst fishing off the South coast of England the Saint comes across an unsuccessful boat-builder who is nonetheless in the money because he is in the business of smuggling illegal immigrants into the country. Additionally it is revealed that one of the immigrants who has gone on the run was suffering from small-pox and the Saint must locate him before he can spread the disease.

Urw6gwzf4utdilngk9jt5xnbtcj 6x14 – Folge 14

The Saint agrees to act as go-between, taking ransom money to the kidnappers of Jenny, wayward daughter of film producer Ben Kersh. The kidnappers blindfold him but he has a camera disguised as a wrist-watch, which enables him to re-trace his journey to the hide-out in order to free Jenny. However, the victim seems less willing to be rescued than one might have expected.

Nohoganpu6w29scnmjletebw9mf 6x15 – Folge 15

Templar is having a drink at a bar in Naples when he witnesses a mêlée between two of the customers. It appears that one of them has mistaken the other for an old colleague. Templar's suspicions are raised the next morning when he reads in the newspapers that one of the men has been murdered. He begins to investigate only to find himself thrown into the world of the Sicilian Mafia, and that few people are willing to help him.

Ag9wgsdzwzv7jyjyo6zxlflf8is 6x16 – Folge 16

Having survived a bomb attempt on his life the Saint tells Gina that her uncle is a high-ranking Mafia member. He is, in fact, being chosen as a replacement for the dying Don Pasquali, the current Mafia head. Gina eventually believes him. The Saint goes to the family vault to find out what happened to the real Allessandro, but he is captured by the Mafia gang and taken to see Don Pasquali and his replacement. He has to think very fast to sow the seeds of discord into the minds of those present and bring the vendetta to an end.

Fdhzks3x7fp0gehrq5cmndfchyj 6x17 – Folge 17

In the South of France the Saint becomes friends with Texan adventurer Rod Huston and the famous mathematician Henri Flambeau and his daughter Janine. They are all amazed at the luck that seems to follow Boris, the ex-king of Slavonia, at the card tables and Henri is convinced that such a run of wins can only mean one thing - the ex-king is a cheat. It soon becomes clear that he is trying to amass enough money to try and regain his throne. The Saint and Rod discover the factory where the king's specially marked cards are made and destroy them, whilst Henri takes the ...

Vo1muggkctviqcamuizhfbaqsqh 6x18 – Folge 18

The Saint is lured to a house in Cornwall by two attractive young sisters in which he meets their father, Keith Longman, an eccentric millionaire. He tells the Saint that he is dying and that he plans to have himself frozen in suspended animation until such time that a cure can be found for his illness. He also plans to use the Saint as a guinea pig in testing out the process. The Saint is not a willing victim and must work out how to escape.

Knoowvbl3komb1upzrqbvpnj53u 6x19 – Folge 19

Alan Williams is found dead having rung the Saint for his assistance. Pop singer Diane Huntley, a friend of Alan's, takes the Saint to meet a guru who runs meditation sessions at a hefty price, and the Saint is convinced the guru is behind the murder. Diane tells the Saint that Alan had a younger sister Brenda, who also saw the guru and who committed suicide. Alan had painted a portrait of Brenda and in its frame are hidden various documents which will lead the Saint to avenge his friend's death.

Hr6rls1ug809drfj2fg6ocnkkdx 6x20 – Folge 20

Simon is invited by a designer of racing cars to test his latest model, but the car has been sabotaged and crashes.

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