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O6sxywu20ekv1a5ynomylhwpqtc 1x1 – Willkommen bei den DiMeos

J.J. is a teen with special needs who uses a communication board device to "talk" since he is "Speechless", but gets nominated for President his first day at his new school.

P1mzsygfm3hnmshk7v8u8y1jmz3 1x2 – Der Betreuer ist immer der Gärtner

Maya's fear about allowing Kenneth to be J.J.'s full-time aide is confirmed when J.J. misses a physical therapy appointment; Jimmy shows Dylan how to be un-neighborly.

Xdnzdnegrir5yjfadlsnobnsuza 1x3 – Hey Bitch, was geht?

When Maya forces the cancellation of the homecoming bonfire because she doesn't believe the location is wheelchair accessible, J.J. suffers backlash at school.

Vsd2rsbbokwwu2iv9iax2fefhyf 1x4 – 8 Stunden

Exploring the city on their own, J.J. and Kenneth realize strangers see them as inspirational. The two push their luck, receiving free food and admission to baseball games and things soon fall apart. Meanwhile, as the family usually can't do anything without having to worry about wheelchair accessibility, Dylan and Ray convince Maya to take them paintballing while J.J. is out. But can Maya let herself have fun without J.J.?

5b95ecfhbgbdw1dnaz5iavzaqai 1x5 – Schweineblut

Jimmy is upset the kids no longer want to participate in the family tradition of dressing up for Halloween. Maya tries to cheer up Jimmy by allowing him to do things he loves by taking things off the family "Dead to Me" list. Meanwhile, Ray recruits Dylan to help work the school's haunted mansion while Kenneth is scared of losing his job when JJ gets drunk at a party. Even though Maya is furious, she is thrilled to see JJ having a "normal" life.

Mlhfzd3zzcakacjsjccuyfu4mxq 1x6 – Noch ein Rollstuhl

JJ develops on a new girl at school who must adapt to life in a wheelchair after injuring herself in gymnastics.

Sx3webk3foiu4brvpkebnu1jiv2 1x7 – Rampe zum Herzen

The DiMeos are forced to celebrate Thanksgiving with Jimmy's brother and his family.

7vhflulyrodvqixfyeijem88gb4 1x8 – Bitte lächeln!

Maya enlists the family to assist JJ in romancing a girl at school, but it backfires when JJ expresses his feelings to Claire, and they are not reciprocated. Meanwhile, as the DiMeos are always late, Ray has the family practice to get to school in time for his upcoming weekend field trip.

Asxmmcy0wpqr9qggtk91dks8ys5 1x9 – S-L--SLED H-O--HOCKEY

JJ gets excited about a new sport he can get involved in, but he has to convince Jimmy that it's not going to kill him.

Ag3ld7ttsckauotfguvg2f9xmk6 1x10 – C-H-O--CHOIR

Ray and JJ join the school choir to enhance thier resumes for college. The family has thier van stolen which leads to a Christmas miracle. Julianna Hough guest stars.

Orrls4vglnodhnjlqnuyikkkgen 1x11 – R-O--ROAD T-R--TRIP

The DiMeos go on their annual family road trip.

Sugmlbhdmkttppsehicy1kfmvsx 1x12 – H-e-r-- Hero

The Dimeos attempt to get on their insurance agent's good side, while Ray wants to use JJ as inspiration for an essay contest.

5i5pksqdysq1w9afkmlthc3erdu 1x13 – S-i – Sick D-a-- Day

Sick bay claims Maya and Kenneth, forcing Jimmy to take the reins of the DiMeo household as Dylan looks after JJ, who returns the favor by running interference between her and a boy she likes.

Vqv6bwgxv7hz9qi1j8sks4dkllb 1x14 – V-a-l-- Valentine’s D-a-- Day

Maya attempts to give Jimmy a Valentine's Day gift, with the help of his old roommate and her ex-fiance. Meanwhile, Dylan finds out that Ray got a candy-gram from a girl at school by mistake and pretends to be the girl who sent it to mess with him; JJ is in charge of distributing the candy-grams, which proves challenging for both him and Kenneth.

Sodl2pzwb56obxb6ztf06zslsdu 1x15 – T-h-- The C-l-- Club

JJ and Kenneth get into an argument over their time together, while the family spends a week at a country club.

Mhhc6b2dfs6jomoqdhduweunm45 1x16 – O-s-- Oscar P-a-- Party

Maya and Jimmy host a party to celebrate Hollywood's biggest night.

Se0xsehwwipygdmph88vcqoi7ua 1x17 – Geburtstag, Grillen und neue Schuhe

Maya throws a birthday party for Dylan against her wishes. JJ goes out on his own while Ray is supposed to watch him. Jimmy and Kenneth try to find something in common.

A2gff5t5oph8lu77ekjx7mm8zmi 1x18 – Im Zweifel für Mutter

After leaving a note behind Maya's back, Ray takes sides against the family when Maya dings a nearby car. Following through on a promise, Jimmy and Dylan share a moment, as father and daughter are on a search in the back room at the local supermarket while JJ teaches a rude customer a lesson, and a moonlighting Kenneth hides his side job from the DiMeos.

6fsznsuhurakrnatguxh9unveth 1x19 – C-h-- Cheater!

Maya and Kenneth work together to hold JJ accountable for his academic future when he cheats on an exam at school. Meanwhile, Ray gets into a get-rich scheme; but when Jimmy bails him out and teaches him an important lesson, Ray's motivation to make fast money is revealed.

1yu9xpywr02ta38ppnvstljcvmn 1x20 – R-u-n-- Runaway

When Maya learns JJ attempted to run away, she is determined to help him complete the task as any able-bodied person could, but her actions exasperate JJ, as he longs for independence. Meanwhile, Jimmy struggles to have hard talks with the kids without Maya, and Dylan tries to get Kenneth to revive his glory days as a high school sports star.

Ont72wiwrsovz9mb94mpthvomig 1x21 – P-r-- Prom

It's prom night, and all three DiMeo kids are going, which leaves Maya and Jimmy with a rare night to themselves. Kenneth is shocked to learn that they like to spend their nights without the kids to bring up past arguments they have bottled up or ignored in the past. Later at school, Ray thinks he is finally about to have his first make-out session with a girl, but learns differently when she uses the "R" word. Meanwhile, a wary JJ bonds with someone who is sick of being the center of attention at school functions.

Pgvmpufc0pksyecp3rsjxekc7ng 1x22 – M-a-- May-jay

With the school year over, Maya is excited to spend the summer with JJ, but he and Kenneth have other plans. Meanwhile, Jimmy gets special treatment at the most unlikely of places while Dylan's identity in the family is threatened

Kdmyqyylvybenxzh59rlfrkl1yv 1x23 – C-a-- Camp

As the family readies for their flight to JJ's camp, Maya gets a surprise at the airport. Ray sees the summer as an opportunity to reinvent himself while Jimmy and Dylan turn the trip to camp into a father/daughter bonding moment.

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