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Rzfljsgpvuqla1jxj6ujzu3oerl 1x1 – Episode 1

After witnessing a murder, while she is on a cleaning job, Thony is forced by circumstances to clean up the scene. She's offered a permanent cleaning job for the mob in exchange for her and her son's life, whom is dying from a terminal disease.

2oq65jfp2enxgz81elstflbhukx 1x2 – Episode 2

Thony turns to the syndicate to get medical help for her son.

Unxyruf3qfajjjtlh4adep3t6i6 1x3 – Episode 3

Thony is given a dire ultimatum by Garrett that could compromise her son's access to medical treatment; a rift forms between Fiona and her son, Chris, when a secret is revealed that has major consequences for his future.

Ictt73kgbewltylvierae2ughnp 1x4 – Episode 4

Facing a setback with Luca's treatment, Thony takes matters into her own hands. But when a potential donor refuses to participate, she turns to Arman for help. Garrett makes a risky demand of Thony, pushing her deeper into moral ambiguity.

Qrikqs9ucszhrv8lpd2d2m89ewm 1x5 – Episode 5

Garrett forces Thony to choose between her loyalty to Arman and saving Fiona from deportation.

Pexx6mcgwvcbd9ulnyyxjotzqcd 1x6 – Episode 6

Fiona and Thony's relationship is strained due to her lies. Arman uses Thony to get intel to the FBI. Luca's health declines, Thony must consider Mother Donna - a potential resource for a liver transplant for Luca, but at what cost?

Frdgi1p6w6jsb3o2jsslstoug7q 1x7 – Episode 7

Thony's marital issues are amplified as Marco asks tough questions about her methods of getting Luca life-saving treatments. Arman is determined to make his way out from under Hayak, but Garrett is hell-bent on foiling his plans.

C8jjukk11kwpctnshftyqtvhzsl 1x8 – Episode 8

Thony enlists Arman's help to get to Mexico for Luca's transplant, but plans go dangerously off course. Thony finds herself in a desperate situation, forcing her to call upon both the former doctor and the newfound "gangsta" in herself.

Hdg5vmql2q9gqnlc8ssovtp5umz 1x9 – Episode 9

Arman's fallout with Hayak has severe consequences for Thony. In hiding, Arman tries to help Thony, but it is Garrett who steps in to get Thony across the border. But upon re-entry, things aren't what they seem.

Min2pjyot0ibw7uvzbkaolr4cnr 1x10 – Episode 10

Needing a way out, Thony tries to make a deal with Garrett to save herself and help Arman, but Arman doesn't trust any promises made by the FBI. A sting operation is hatched, but Arman's distrust leads it off course.

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