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8vnwlplfa5iyc8ytznkb8hmcxly 1x1 – Folge 1

In "Meet the Reaper", Billy and Mandy, two neighbor kids, play a game with the Grim Reaper for the soul of a sick hamster. In "Skeletons In the Water Closet", Billy's overprotective mom discovers the Grim Reaper sleeping in her son's room and panic ensues, particularly when Billy's dad doesn't see Grim and is convinced that his wife has cracked.

2g5vglgguvbw9rgl4opgno09twp 1x2 – Folge 2

In "Opposite Day", Grim's patience and sanity are put to the test during a holiday where everything means the reverse of what it normally does. In "Look Alive!", when they turn down Grim's being hired as a swimsuit model, Billy and Mandy try to help by giving him a makeover.

71ellhq2lwd8ixpqckljmaungr0 1x3 – Folge 3

Grim teaches Billy how to take control of someone else's body. Billy, unfortunately, makes the mistake of trying his new skill out on Mandy.

Xsbqorybhi5fe6v1mnm2tmsq73w 1x4 – Folge 4

When a supernatural creature kidnaps Billy and Mandy, Grim must decide if he'd rather rescue his "Friends" or just relax in a lawn chair.

9odzpfnrvchftrjnou8qff08enx 1x5 – Folge 5

After Billy eats all the cookies the kids are supposed to be selling,Grim saves the day with his Great Aunt's secret recipe. But some recipes should be kept secret.

Ds4bhxowyxv2rq8eqapiy9sny0n 1x6 – Folge 6

Billy and Mandy discover that Grim's mother is a genie. Mandy is soon in control of the only remaining wish, with Grim and Billy desperately trying to curry favor.

Cbh07ly2z6qfg4wbelvekyujo7n 1x7 – Folge 7

Billy and Grim mistakenly deduce that Mandy is a cannibal and has eaten everyone in the neighborhood! Billy decides to confront Mandy before she eats him! Billy's mom returns, bent on taking vengeance on Grim.

Juu5gvc5jqc6pmc1qtzk0hiku2f 1x8 – Folge 8

Nergal returns, trying to win friends using a giant carnival. Billy takes up his cause, revealing to Nergal the five C's of friendship.

1x9 – Grim Surprise, A/Everybody Loves Uncle Bob/Beasts and Barbarians

Billy and Irwin are addicted to the video game "Beasts and Barbarians", inspiring Mandy and Grim to visit another dimension to give Billy and Irwin a taste of "the real thing".

1x10 – Hoss Delgado: Spectral Exterminator/Evil on Trial/To Eris Human

Grim must evade extermination at the hands of Hoss Delgado, Spectral Exterminator!

1x11 – Billy's Growth Spurt/Time Hole Incident/Billy and the Bully

Billy gets a small growth on his back which turns into an evil pint-sized Billy! Can Mandy and Grim get rid of it before it terrorizes the neighborhood?

1x12 – Big Trouble in Billy's Basement/Christmas Con Carne/Tickle Me Mandy

In "Big Trouble in Billy's Basement" Billy steals Grim's "bad book" and starts an apocalypse, which Mandy, Grim, and Hoss Delgado must stop. In "Tickle Me Mandy" Mandy goes away for a day, so Grim makes Billy a new Mandy to play with.

1x13 – Little Rock of Horrors/The Pie Who Loved Me/Dream a Little Dream

Billy befriends a giant brain-eating meteor in his backyard. Grim, Billy and Mandy eat some bad pizza, resulting in a series of bizarre and mind-bending dreams.

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