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2x1 – Episode #2.1

'Meg's Lucky Night': Tina becomes jealous after Meg finds true love with a local Manhattan yuppie named Bobby, which causes Tina to make a scene at Meg's upcoming wedding shower. 'Skin the Duck': Rusty is a crafty and crazy choreographer who shows upcoming dancer Denise Ashe some crazy dance movies prior to an audition. 'Making Faces': Bart and Lisa make ugly faces despite Marge's warning that their faces could remain like that.

2x2 – Episode #2.2

'Kay's Old Love': Kay gets a blast from the past when her former boyfriend, Derrick, arrives for a visit and wants to re-start their long-lost romance despite the fact that he's now married. 'Drugs and Guns': Becky is a suicidal pharmacist who is overjoyed when a robber breaks into the late-night pharmacy to rob it, and she wants him to kill her. 'The Funeral': The Simpsons attend the funeral of Homer's Uncle Hubert.

2x3 – Episode #2.3

'Francesca's First Job': Francesca gets a summer job at a taco fast-food place, and finds her job unsatisfying. 'The Little Neurotic From Down Under': Kiki Howard-Smith visits Dr. Alexander Gibson to talk about her own personal problems. 'City of Strangers': Hijinks at a New York City bus stop on a rainy day as a mysterious stranger/con artist tries to get the people around her to loosen up. 'Maggie's Brain': Bart and Lisa try to imagine what Maggie sees of the world around her.

2x4 – Episode #2.4

'The Affair': Sarah and Greg Downey have a night-long martial dispute in their bedroom after Greg confides in Sarah about almost having an affair with his secretary. 'When in Rome': A mob informant tries to adjust to his new life in a small Oklahoma town, and finds that small town life is not that different from the big city. 'Weather or Not': A US Army weatherman is greeted with a surprise USO show for himself which features Lisa Morgan and the Mob. 'Football': Homer tries to throw a football to Bart to catch it so they can all be rewarded with frosted chocolate ...

2x5 – Episode #2.5

'The Gardner on the Floor': An old English playwright (Tracey Ullman) tries to make one last good work by having her crew stage a play for a unimpressed Broadway Producer. 'Calender Girl': A photographer and his assistant discover that money is their model's true turn-on for their cheesecake photo shoot. 'Decoration Day': Molly is a black-clad loving housewife who decides that her entire kitchen should be painted black. 'House of Cards': Bart tries to build a house of cards, but gets it knocked down every time by Lisa, Maggie, Home, and Marge.

2x6 – Episode #2.6

'Monkey Wench': Ceci Beckwith, an adventurer living in the jungles of Boreno, goes home to New York at the request of her sister Peg for their mother's funeral, and Ceci brings along her pet orangutan. 'The Concert': Georgia Hale is a has-been organist who gets an opportunity to play again... at a national league hockey game. 'Birthday Boy': Stan is a lonely man who gets a boost in life when a stripper named Amanda gets his address by accident. 'Bart and Dad Eat Dinner': Left alone while Marge takes the girls to a ballet, Homer decides to make dinner for Bart.

2x7 – Episode #2.7

'Max's Birthday Party': Sara and Greg throw a 4th birthday party for their difficult son, Max, where they hire an actor to play Fuzzy Bear, who is not cooperative with the events. 'Two Too Good People': Judy is a real estate agent getting out of a bad relationship, who meets Larry who wants to buy the house she's selling, and it's love at first sight. 'Beverly Hills Proc': Ginny Tillman is the nagging and bitter wife of Lawrence Tillman who goes over the final divorce papers from him. 'Space Patrol': Bart, Lisa and Maggie place space patrol with Bart having a vase ...

2x8 – K-AIR

'Romantic Mommy': Francesca's long-estranged mother Marina comes for a visit, causing some tension between her and Dave and William over her irresponsible lifestyle which Francesca has long forgotten about. 'K-AIR': Summer Storm is a burned-out hippie working as a DJ at a local L.A. radio station who tries to make a comeback with one last fling with her station co-worker/fan. 'Bart's Haircut': Bart goes to the barber to have his haircut, and the barber accidentally cuts it all off.

2x9 – Episode #2.9

'Meg's Shower': Meg throws a bridal shower for her friends, in which her and Tina fight again. 'Foreign Exchange': Azai is a Pakistani convenience store owner living in London, England who tries to make an impression on the local delivery girl Ruby with his singing. 'World War III': Homer leads the family of World War III drills over and over, until they decide to turn the tables on him.

2x10 – Episode #2.10

"Kay's Adventure": Kay Clark becomes the one millionth customer to shop at a local Providence grocery store and wins a free weekend in Atlantic City where she sees a hot pop singer named Gulliver Dark in concert. Extra segment: Tom Noddy blows unusual bubbles using cigarette smoke. "Customs": Alcholic US customs official Sue meets Kristy McDoon, a famous Scott pop star and will not let her pass through customs unless she sings a song for her. "The Perfect Crime": After Marge Simpson bakes cookies, Bart plans the perfect crime of eating them all and blaming it on ...

2x11 – Episode #2.11

"Rock Bottom": at her studio producer Keith's urging, Summer Storm checks herself into a rehab clinic and later tries to adjust to a comeback trail upon getting out. "The Cryonic Man": In London, Laura (Tracey Ullman) discovers that her husband Lawrence has frozen herself to escape from her constant nagging. "Scary Stories": Bart tells Lisa and Maggie scary stories in a room of their house.

2x12 – Episode #2.12

"Kay's Last Stand": When Kay discovers that the company will not cover for her mother life insurance anymore, she decides to take it to the top by traveling to the top floor to meet with the company's CEO, Elizabeth Phelps. "Auto Erotica": Brenda has a man she meets on the Pacific Coast Highway arrested just to get to know him better. "Waiting": Nancy visits her neurotic friend Audrey who is waiting and waiting for the washing machine repairman to show up.

2x13 – Episode #2.13

"On Her Toes": At a prestigious ballet company in New York, the lead ballerina has a falling out with the wheelchair-bound choreographer, the understudy Stacey Duncan (Tracey Ullman) goes through weeks of grueling training to star in the lead role in 'The Nutcracker'. "Tina and the Professor": Tina goes out on a blind date with an eccentric high school biology teacher. "The High and the Not So Mighty": USO troupe Lisa Morgan and the Mob are on a U.S. Army plane that is going down in the Pacific Ocean, and they all decide to sing one last song before they all bail out ...

2x14 – Episode #2.14

"Valet": A lonely parking lot valet meets a mysterious equally lonely middle-aged woman during his first night on the job which she takes him back to her hotel room for some interesting conversation. "Gold Diggers of 1988": Amy is a young Southern Belle bride to an elderly millionaire named Claude who sings to persuade that she did not marry for money. "Skateboarding": Bart tries to use his new skateboard down a hill while Lisa and Maggie watch how many times he injures himself.

2x15 – Episode #2.15

"Chained Melodies": Marty and Angel Tish (Dan Castellaneta and Tracey Ullman) are a bickering married singing pop duo who make an appearance at a state prison where a hostage situation makes them re-think their relationship. "The Test": Greg and Sara Downey debate whether Sara might be pregnant again and adding another addition to the family. "The Pagans": Bart, Lisa, and Maggie dress up in togas in playing pagans to avoid going to church.

2x16 – Episode #2.16

"Storm at Sea": Summer Storm, with the help of her hippie friends Keith, Jerry, and Freddy, open up a pirated radio station on an off-shore boat as a change of pace for her life. "A Little Sream of Consiciousness from Down Under": Kiki Howard-Smith's thoughts are shown as she debates with herself to make a two-in-one put. "The Pits": Paula (Tracey Ullman) is a Wall Street broker who sings "shout" to her boyfriend Ricky (Dan Castellaneta) at the stock trading pits. "The Closet": Bart accidentally locks himself in a closet while trying to hide from Homer.

2x17 – Episode #2.17

"Changing Lanes": After learning that she has a few months to live, world traveler Samantha (Tracey Ullman) decides to spend some time in the suburbs with her estranged sister Jill (Miriam Flynn) and her family. "Treasure": A group of five British, American, and Israeli treasure hunters discover a sunken ship with gold in the Meditarian, and naturally greed takes over in which they pile so much gold onto their boat that it sinks in a storm. "Wings of Love": Joe (Joseph Malone) is a dull travel agent until a perky woman (Tracey Ullman) walks into his office to request ...

2x18 – Episode #2.18

"Francesca Alone": After Dave and William leave town for the night, Francesca invites a teen from her school to have dinner with her. "People at Work": A female construction worker (Tracey Ullman) "Feels Like a Natural Woman" after being insulted by a hyped motorist while at a site. "Family Portrait": The Simpsons try again and again to have their perfect family portrait taken.

2x19 – Episode #2.19

"Ginny Redux": Ginny goes out on her first date since her divorce with a black man who works at her daughter's school. "Fear": Phyllis is a woman with lots of fear who pays Dr. Gibson a visit. "Real Lace": A depressed hotel guest in Ireland gets a emotional boost when the room service waiter and maid Molly sing to him to boost his spirits. "Bart's Hiccups": Lisa and Maggie play doctor to try to cure Bart's hiccups.

2x20 – Episode #2.20

"Kay: R.E.S.P.E.C.T.": Kay Clark is invited out by co-worker Polly to her apartment where she quickly irrigates Polly's boyfriend Mickey and signs of tension soon forms when Kay discovers that Polly is a kleptomaniac. "Late Night Check Out": Debbie and Lynn are two bored, late-shift grocery store clerks who play "burned-out" for fun to see the late-night customers get irritated. "The Money Jar": Bart, Lisa and Maggie struggle with their good and bad egos on whether to take coins out a money jar atop the kitchen counter.

2x21 – Episode #2.21

"The Sleepover": Francesca holds a slumber party where she and her friends pass the time discussing boys and playing prank phone calls on one guy that Francesca likes. "Dr. Gibson's Mentor": Dr. Gibson receives a visit from his psychiatric school mentor Dr. Margaret Niederman (Tracey Ullman) who talks about her own personal problems and about her teachings which were not reasonable. "The Art Museum": The Simpsons visit an art gallery where Bart enjoys the experience a little too much.

2x22 – Episode #2.22

"Dinner Theatre": While acting on stage in a live production of 'Butterflies Are Free', the lead actress tries to persuade a fat patron in the crowd to take his mind off his large meal and on her act. "Cinema Verite": Robert Parket is a L.A. reporter who has a film few do a piece on a rat-hole slum apartment resided in by a single mother named Betty. "The Medley": A nightclub man and woman act makes a final awful melody as their closing act. "Zoo Story": The Simpsons take a visit to the local zoo where they meet ape versions of themselves.

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