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Uk2i7ofls0vnzqptavjbsvnphi3 1x1 – The Night of the Inferno

President Grant, beset by problems, recalls his top troubleshooter James West to service. West and his partner Artemus Gordon must discover why Juan Manolo has staged a series of raids in the southwest territories. Sending the army might cause a war, but a pair of low key troubleshooters might be able to solve the problem.

1a1yioppaytcersf25sec0le0vq 1x2 – The Night of the Deadly Bed

West arrives to meet an informant. Before he can, an attempt is made on his life and the informant is blown up! The man's dying word, "Flory," is West's only clue to a plot that just might rewrite the map south of the Mexican border, and threaten the future of the United States...

Iqatgg1hcxehtrszlidqjzz430b 1x3 – The Night the Wizard Shook the Earth

West and Gordon must help Professor Neilsen reach Washington with his invention - a new and extremely powerful explosive. But a diminutive genius has ambitions of his own, and they require the professor's death. When the professor dies, West and Gordon must discover his killer before the madman's plans unfold and Professor Neilsen has a lot of company.

341vvflfbpevznha3kt7l2tmkou 1x4 – The Night of Sudden Death

Black clad men clamber over each other and up the wall to a high window, entering the United States Mint at Carson City. They plant a bomb and leave without taking any of the money. Jim West and Artemus Gordon must learn why they broken in and who masterminded the plot before economic chaos overtakes the United States.

Ykzjdzeh4oaiqoqnoh9zj4c79y7 1x5 – Night of the Casual Killer

John Maxwell Avery advised the President and led powerful men in Washington. Then he was discovered to be a political opportunist and a scoundrel. He fled Washington and rumor has it the President helped him do it. He has killed many many to keep his freedom. To avert a scandal the President sends Jim and Artie, the only men who can capture Avery and return him for trial.

6qx5jvpiagf39vtiyrhi9a9ww9h 1x6 – The Night of a Thousand Eyes

After several ships are lost with all aboard, Jim and Arte's investigation leads them to a blind former river boat captain who wants complete domination of the American rivers.

Ekokiyzu7azmclvjtkszykcrpu4 1x7 – The Night of the Glowing Corpse

During the Franco-Prussian War, the French entrust their newest scientific breakthrough, Franconium, to the care of the United States to keep Prussian agents from it. Deadly in the smallest quantities, the chemical must be protected. Before it can be debuted to the American scientific community thieves steal it; Jim and Artie must recover it before the thieves escape the country with their toxic treasure.

Rp8k870mwdlf734hetc4hqo2bxz 1x8 – The Night of the Dancing Death

Jim and Artie must ensure Princess Gina reaches the Albanian embassy safely. So when the carriage arrives, they breathe a sign of relief - until Ambassador Perkins, a long time friend of the princess, tells them the passenger in the coach is not Her Highness! Jim and Artie must discover where and how the princess was intercepted, whether she is still alive, and if she is, rescue her. But a mysterious organization has other plans.

4s2m4nqabctwbl66xjlxqskvqzl 1x9 – The Night of the Double-Edged Knife

The Central and Western Railroad, building a new line in the Midwest, faces Indian problems - $500,000 of them. That sum is how much the Cheyenne and their leader, American Knife, demand to permit the construction and stop killing the construction team. Digging into the matter, Jim becomes convinced that all may not be as it appears...

Utrl1mprdmmvbyqoothpvcxjc1q 1x10 – The Night That Terror Stalked the Town

Dr. Loveless imprisons Jim and surgically creates his double called a doppelganger, code-named Janus. Arte must find Jim and uncover the truth behind the warped scheme.

4yscmgdaoxo05xukpks6e4j8oys 1x11 – The Night of the Red-Eyed Madmen

A madman with a private army and an unusual political philosophy has designs on the Southwestern United States! His tactics are simple: superiority of individual soldiers, supported by subterfuge, will win the day, ensuring the land is ruled by the 'right kind of people.' And he might be right: his soldiers are as well trained as Jim West! If Jim and Artie cannot infiltrate his camp and put a stop to his plans, the United States may lose a good chunk of its land...

6xvukzxnvcegkrmeeixqilwhxts 1x12 – The Night of the Human Trigger

Jim and Arte investigate a rash of earthquakes. They discover a mad scientist named Professor Orkney Cadwallader is using nitroglycerin to set off the disasters.

Fb7vhunoksroh1he9r7w6m4wzpi 1x13 – The Night of the Torture Chamber

Governor Bradford of California dispatches a letter to President Grant. He requests assistance, and Grant obliges by dispatching his two top agents, West and Gordon. It seems there is a conspiracy to take over the state government and the governor needs protection to stay alive long enough to discover and punish the perpetrators. But as time goes by and attempts are made against the agents' lives and not the governor's, Jim begins to smell a rat. There's something about the painting that hangs on the wall behind the governor's desk, and when Jim realizes what it is, ...

Rren1wnblwmfoc5kbkqgzth71so 1x14 – The Night of the Howling Light

Jim and Arte must deliver a message of peace to Chief Ho-Tami, head of the Indian tribes. Dr. Arcularis captures Jim in an attempt to stop the treaty signing.

5oybwwzwibm0iyijq2vtnj0ikew 1x15 – The Night of the Fatal Trap

Jim goes undercover as an outlaw to stop Mexican bandits, led by the ruthless Colonel Vasquez, from terrorizing US towns along the border.

Vruxyhx3tsvarrbeahyno7gu4ov 1x16 – The Night of the Steel Assassin

Jim and Arte must stop Torres-a man more metal than flesh, with superhuman strength and a taste for revenge-from killing President Grant.

7v7nreiumnte97fa3edfqat5hr8 1x17 – The Night the Dragon Screamed

Jim must return a princess to the Hunan throne in China and save Arte from the deadly grip of two warring Chinese opium smuggling rings.

7twgidxcpoly8dovip4arkejpzr 1x18 – The Night of the Grand Emir

Jim and Arte try to protect the Grand Emir of the Ottoman Empire from members of an assassin's club who have set their sights on his murder.

Mkyozbsjcs5gd1wrhz7wsjrsdhb 1x19 – The Night of the Flaming Ghost

Jim and Arte follow the trail of stolen kerosene and sulfur to Harpers Ferry, where they find an 1870's version of John Brown wielding an instrument of doom.

Jalmr9pefyblkks8cpvlbkripxi 1x20 – The Night of the Whirring Death

Jim and Arte serve as couriers, delivering bribes to save California from bankruptcy. Problem is, Doctor Loveless is killing the benefactors and stealing their money.

Kfdz3alas4xfnitccdilwjdk53r 1x21 – The Night of the Puppeteer

The mad puppeteer Zachariah Skull re-creates a courtroom drama, using life-size puppets, to seek revenge on both Jim and the Supreme Court Justices who sentenced him to death.

E2lfsuionhnrr2q17p4rkxxzahj 1x22 – The Night of the Bars of Hell

Jim goes undercover as a prison inspector to investigate a local prison. When Jim is sentenced to die in the electric chair, Arte poses as the executioner to save him.

Emtb9lynxrcjepabiiy7npawlzu 1x23 – The Night of the Two-Legged Buffalo

Jim and Arte are assigned to protect a South Seas Coral Island Prince from assassins who threaten the signing of a treaty with United States.

Kwizvbdeug5j7dfhhul4rwgo2lj 1x24 – The Night of the Druid's Blood

Jim and Arte investigate an evil magician and an attractive young woman's connection to the murders of distinguished scientists.

Wszxz9q4baow0empvxekt55ht0q 1x25 – The Night of the Freebooters

Jim poses as a hired gunman, and Arte as a corrupt colonel, to infiltrate a renegade army led by Thorwald Wolf, who plans to conquer Mexico's Baja California.

Ox6dkwe9ppe8b0kd23rn0fiu6ml 1x26 – The Night of the Burning Diamond

Jim and Arte investigate the disappearance of the Kara diamond. They discover a sinister plot by Morgan Midas to use the stone to create an invisibility potion.

N8904qjxenrehvghqqdlnddc5r0 1x27 – The Night of the Murderous Spring

Jim succumbs to a hallucinogenic powder created by Dr. Loveless, who intends to create mass hysteria by polluting the country's water supply so he can rule the world.

5ld2licqjfyrbuklsq9bxjc5j9t 1x28 – The Night of the Sudden Plague

As Jim West and Artemus Gordon ride into the mysteriously quiet town of Willow Springs, they notice that the citizens are all paralyzed and the bank has been robbed. When they visit a nearby town to investigate this bizarre occurrence, the agents discover a mad professor breeding bacteria for a serum that causes temporary paralysis.

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