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Eml3mqut6p4t3d6rgd5hufxfxn8 1x1 – Der Schein trügt

Bryan exposes a murderous dictator while trapped at a ski resort.

B0hufnzrwdctlc7s54u3n5djc2j 1x2 – Meine Freundin, die Spionin

The dying Paul Bryan is delighted to spot a childhood sweetheart, but she confides 3 countries are spying on her - including the U.S. After ducking the persistent lawyer in West Berlin, she explains that her husband, a British 00, was supposedly killed, but his body is missing. The CIA violates Paul's civil rights and finds that Paul has a year or 2 to live. That enables the CIA to pressure Paul, a Korean War top gun, to help the U.S. determine if her spouse Biff Henderson is alive. Thus MI5 can rule out Biff's defecting or being kidnapped. Mrs. Henderson's desperate ...

D5povt5ljpmws5uc8lfgedmdacn 1x3 – Der Eheschwindler

Paul Bryan encounters and hangs out with a very interesting man who is a gigolo by profession.

7azbsatpb7qniywp8ugukfyznsh 1x4 – Um Kopf und Kragen

After Paul Bryan forces an amorous runaway to return to her small town, the speed bump's sheriff is willing to go to any extreme to get Bryan back on Route 66 ASAP. The teen who claimed her car broke down, flagged down the dying Bryan, as he sped through fly-over country in a luxurious convertible. Torn between lust and his responsibility as an attorney, Bryan grills Kathy Sloan till she admits she's a runaway without even a driver's license, who may be under the age of consent. When Bryan hands Kathy over to her grateful grandparents, they confirm she's 19. Thus Paul...

9332maisdvyqy4xt5vso28uod7m 1x5 – Unerwünscht

Paul and an imprisoned race driver's sister plot to free a political prisoner.

Hlbjwh7gcjidsb25kyhvsjvcbhj 1x6 – Entlarvt?

Paul must prove that an old friend is an enemy agent.

1r19ehypdua4n70y1v3dji6rk7m 1x7 – Der Mordprozeß

Paul defends a woman on trial for her husband's murder, but is surprised by her reaction when she receives an acquittal.

Qwilobz9j0kp7blhuynaa7e18jd 1x8 – In den Fängen des Paten

Paul is involved with stewardess Judy Collins, who the Syndicate believes stole $200,000 from them---with Paul's help.

Lkrm4jv6koni1ixyehklxpviqpw 1x9 – Stadt in Angst

In a small town Paul becomes a convenient murder suspect for a police chief.

7jyjfqk5844sqfoq8lu3gqpm2cc 1x10 – Verfolgt

Lisa Sorrow, a former Nazi Concentration Camp inmate, enlists Paul's help in tracking down a Nazi war criminal in the desert heat, in order to bring him to justice.

Mn0r9rqnuzyjzj6w8s9ozasrink 1x11 – Die schöne Unbekannte

An opera singer and Paul start a romance that leads to heartbreak.

Rv107lews9y2sqldedqbxvdjqyr 1x12 – Die Schatzinsel

Paul hooks onto an old buddy to fish for shark off an isolated isle, but beatniks from California protest that the duo's chumming up the ocean to lure 2000 pound mako will endanger them shooting their underwater movie. Paul's pal Hardie is a self-made millionaire on a very tight schedule, who lives for adventure, which escalates the conflict with the group, who trust no one over 30. Paul chums up to the group's lone female, and suspects the motives of the hipsters have more to do with reefer than the ecology of Caribbean reefs.

9sefz3tgiozxp16c09wdj2h1ti 1x13 – Mordverdacht

Paul returns to his hometown to investigate the murder of an old friend.

On9refoogt8fxosb69bkbeouhx7 1x14 – Die Spur im Dschungel

Paul and his guide are captured by the Bosavis tribe in the New Guinea jungle after wounding a native boy.

Megswkppigf1jefk136uku1f8i1 1x15 – Zwei Vagabunden

Paul meets a resentful young man and is successful in giving him a new outlook on life.

I7pnip6ko1ytgyozo7byn57krhd 1x16 – Versteckt in Rio

At the request of a victim's daughter, Bryan goes to Rio De Janiero to return her father's murderer.

O7xs7skyuzpxoh3wspmyql3m128 1x17 – Gefährliche Liebschaften

In Monte Carlo, Paul comes to the aid of an old friend, Ramon de Vega. Charlotte Hyde accuses Ramon of steeling her valuable bracelet, during a romantic encounter. Ramon is facing a jail sentence. Paul, as his attorney, finds that Charlotte didn't disclose her real identity and that she has a hidden agenda.

Jngw0xqb0iymqu1je8e0kjofwdl 1x18 – Das Psychohaus

Paul spends a terror-filled night in a farmhouse with a man who claims the place haunted.

Hkhfyupecfrzjng7y7i8hurv3mn 1x19 – Der Weltrekord

While he is making a near fatal test drive of a super car, Paul's girlfriend meets a former lover.

Dgrcti0pfoxo9z7k4jbvt1mgc8h 1x20 – Mysteriöse Bekanntschaft

One night during Mardi Gras is all it takes to obsess Paul with April, a carefree young woman. She vanishes from the French Quarter the next morning, after being spied on by a tiny heckler in a rabbit suit. Paul finds he's not the only man stalking the vanishing enchantress, but each knows her by a different name and met her in a different exotic locale. The dying ex-lawyer has no obligations whatsoever, so he starts on her slowly cooling trail.

2wylcgux0rpuxqdtccqpwafrn9d 1x21 – Die Gesetzlosen

Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot.

Nyvviba3kjhod4t0el7nvk2ftwy 1x22 – Entführt (1)

Auto thieves and beautiful women on the French Riviera involve Paul in their scheme.

4mvwax9abtaqvecfr9m1xtxymjd 1x23 – Entführt (2)

In Sicily, Paul is kidnapped by brothers who are trying to raise money for a girl's dowry.

Anxvxwkogfz63c1jjjvu9qwjofz 1x24 – Urlaubsabenteuer

While waiting for Paul's money for dowry the future bride meets another man.

Cqwwuaijaibubaob5pca7gv8mag 1x25 – Verhaftet

Enroute to an Iron Country, Paul is pulled from a train and accused of espionage.

Dhopzxlqoezbkhgb48fixlbgywg 1x26 – Der Wunderheiler

Paul attempts to help two crippled women.

K6qrd7ckymnx8nbyufgrug4c9a6 1x27 – Die verschwundene Nonne

The syndicate complicates Paul's search for a woman in a nun's dress who vanished.

Krwtzrby3jjhxatk7lozg6bjhm5 1x28 – Im Angesicht des Todes

When Paul goes on a trip to Africa, a doctor asks Paul to consult with a terminally ill young woman but finds that the woman is unaware of her circumstance and living with a father with the decision to tell her of her illness.

Xdo7jt6ynftfssvvsebf1p6sebu 1x29 – Das 24-Stunden-Rennen

Bryan risks his life in an auto race though he knows the vehicles are being sabotaged.

Ei4cywjsr3buu2pqphxy9eo8ya1 1x30 – Verliebt

Paul falls in love with a novelist, but leaves her to protect his agent Mike Allen.

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